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Can I Get A Study Visa In Canada With A 10-Year Gap?

Are you a student and want to continue your higher studies in Canada? Then you should apply student visa for Canada in order to be permitted to study in that country. The process of getting student visa is less complex when compared to other categories of visa. But the candidates are needed to fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria as well as they are required to furnish necessary documents for getting approved under this category of visa.

What does a study permit means?

It is basically a document which is issued by Canadian authorities to grant permission to foreign nationals in order to carry out their further education at DLI in Canada. DLI stands for Designated Learning Institutions. This permit remain valid generally for the whole term of the program chosen by the student and in addition to that, further 90 days are allowed so that the student can prepare himself for leaving Canada or apply for extending his visa in case they want to carry out further studies.

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 Eligibility Criteria to be met:

There are various programs organised by Canadian authorities to facilitate study in Canada for Indian students. Hence it is a great opportunity to avail but the applicants are required to comply with the following requisites of eligibility criteria:

  • The students are required to be of 18 years or more.
  • They should have sufficient financial resources to carry out the education program chosen by them.
  • They must possess valid passport and various other travel documents.
  • They should also be having an acceptance letter given by the university or institution in which they want to carry their further studies.
  • The prospective candidates are required to specify the term of the course which they are going to pursue in Canada.

The applications that mostly come under this scheme are from those students who are having few years gap between their previous year of study and year in which the application has been drafted. In these cases, visa is granted on the basis of total number of years of taken by the student as a gap year.

  • If the students are having gap of two to three years, they easily get permitted for granting of visa provided that they have to specify valid reason for such gap.
  • In case the students are having gap of five or more years, there is no guarantee that the visa will be granted and at the same time, it is not sure that the application will be rejected. The approval for visa depends on the reason and documents that has been provided by the prospective applicant to prove the genuineness of the gap in study.
  • One can apply if the gap is more than five years but there are fewer chances that odds will be in his favour.

It is a great chance for the students of India to apply and get approved in order to continue their studies from top universities of Canada.

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