Canada Business Visa

How to acquire business visa in Canada

If you are willing to move to Canada and want to explore the business opportunities there, go for Canada business visa. This was designed for the business people who were successful in their own field. There are ample reasons as to how the income can be generated and the business ventures started by them must shell out employment opportunities for the Canadians.

What is Canada business visa?

Canada business visa is also known as Canada Business Immigration Category and was crafted to make Canadian economy more business driven. Under this category of visa, those businessmen are given the opportunities having the ability to prove their business accumen. There are ample chances that as an immigrant, you will get highly profitable business in Canada.

But there is some eligibility requirements which you need to fulfill in order to get categorised under the same. Basic requirements

Categories of Canada business visa

You can look forward for the Canada business categories which are as follows:

  • Start-up visa: If you have a business which is approved by Start-up visa designated organisation list, you can be given this visa by the Canadian authorities. The necessary condition is that your business should aim to garner profits and must be profitable enough to generate revenues. Besides that, your business must also have a wide scope for generating employment.
  • Immigration Investor Venture Capital visa: This was closed in 2015 but was meant for those who earned up to $10 million. Such firms should be the risk-takers and must shell out profits even during the risk phase. There is a specific limit set for the investment that they can put.
  • Self employed immigrant visa: This visa is aimed for the persons who are quite well-versed in their respective fields. The related fields can be sports, cultiral activities or some agricultural related activities. The applicant must have the ability to become self-employed in Canada and become financially secure through the business.

How to determine your eligibility?

For creating a strong economic development in the country, you need to meet up with the standards. Those applicants are welcomed who hold an adequate business experience. There are necessary assets as well which must be possessed by the applicant.

Procedure to apply for Canada business visa

There are series of steps you need to fulfill if you wish to get Canadian business visa. First of all, you need to fill up the free assessment program which is available on the website. Your profile details also will be assessed as per the set standards. All the filled details will be checked by the immigration officials at the visa venues.