Canada Express Entry Eligible Occupation List For PR Skilled Migration

The Canada Express Entry is a programme that is focused on increasing the quality of immigrants into Canada. The government has started this programme that is focussed on choosing the skilled applicants for granting admission into the country. This has allowed Canada to invite a number of people into the country for working there. The applications are not processed passively anymore by the immigration authority (CIC), instead they choose the people from a number of applicants and then send out invites. This process has ushered in a revolutionary change in immigration. The active involvement of the Canadian government has benefitted prospective immigrants.

There are many features that are unique for Canada express entry eligible list for PR skilled migration. Following we are listing them:

  • The selected individuals will gain the status of a permanent resident. Occupational ceilings will no longer apply to them.
  • It is an online platform on which interested individuals can create their profiles. These profiles have a validity of 12 months, at the end of this period they have to resubmit their applications for a profile.
  • This profile can only be created after the individuals have their academic assessment completed. This assessment must be done by an evaluation agency that has legal recognition in Canada.
  • The candidates are judged on parameters like age, professional exposure, language skills, academics, etc.
  • A ranking system (CRS) assigns ranks to them based on the score that they got in this test.
  • Sponsorships or full time employments award extra marks to candidates.
  • Candidates are short listed on the basis of this score.
  • The Canadian government invites them for the filing of a second set of applications. These applications are filled for gaining the permanent resident status.
  • The government checks and confirms these applications within a period of six months.

Following are listed some of the PR occupations that fall under Canada Express Entry eligible occupation list for PR skilled migration Programme:

  • Advertising consultant
  • Public relations officer
  • Boxing match promoter
  • Media relations coordinator, etc.

Immigration is the act of coming permanently into another country. Governments all over the world see this as an additional pressure on their limited resources. Canada has taken up this approach to ensure that the nation gets something in return and you live there as an active and contributing member of the society.

Summing up:

It is true that the new regulations make you go through more stringent steps but they also offer significantly better results. Those who are genuinely talented can move abroad to benefit from opportunities that are present over there. The community of Canada is also a gainer in this equation. Also, you get certain benefits like having a permanent resident status readily bestowed upon, which makes bringing over relatives and children for educational or health purposes much easier. You don’t fall under the occupational ceilings that other workers of foreign origin are subject to. Once you get selected, your career and personal life can grow in Canada unhindered.