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Canada Express Entry Point Calculator 2018-19

The immigration authority of Canada has more than 60 methods or programs that enable the applicants to foreign nationals to immigrate to Canada, of which the Express Entry is one of the popular programs that most of the candidates use for migrating to Canada. Express Entry is the new program that is point based and it is used for searching the suitable candidate that deserves or boasts the skills to provide input to the Canadian economy.

About the Express Entry Point System!

In order apply under the Express Entry Program, the candidates are required to score points to become eligible for invitation of permanent resident visa. Here under this point system, the eligible candidates can score points based their skills, education, age, employment, language proficiency and employment potential. The candidates that score the highest score in the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS get higher priority for the Canadian PR visa from the Express Entry Pool.

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How Does CRS System Works?

CRS means Comporehsnive Ranking System which is basically the tool used to calculate the points scored by the applications based on their education, language proficiency, age, skills, work experience and more.

The candidates first need to enter and create a profile in the Express Entry pool and they will be ranked based on the score they have scored in CRS System. The candidates with highest scores are ranked on top and they are given highest priority for the invitation of the Canadian PR Visa.

The total number of points in Express Entry CRS System is 1200.

The New Changes in Scoring System

From June 2017, CIC has made changes in the score system through the candidates can score additional points if:

  • The candidate has siblings in Canada they can get 15 points extra
  • They have the ability to speak French – 15-30 points extra
  • They have job offering from any Canadian Employer – 200 points extra

The CRS system ranks the eligible applicants for immigration to Canada from the Express Entry Pool under the following factors:

  • Valid Job Offer – 200 Points
  • Accompanying Spouse or Common law Partner factors – 40 points minimum
  • Core Human Capital Factors – 460 points
  • Extra points due to Provincial Nomination or Qualifying offer of arranged employment – 600 points


Do I qualify for Canada Express Entry Visa

As per the update issued on June 6, 2017, the CIC has introduced a couple of new criterion through which the candidate may be eligible for getting the additional points. These are –

If the candidate has sibling(s) in Canada 15 points
If the candidate proves French ability 15 or 30 points
If the candidate has a job offer from a Canadian employer 200 points

The components under which the Comprehensive Ranking System ranks the eligible candidates for immigration to Canada through Express Entry are –

Components Maximum Points
Core human capital factors 460
Accompanying spouse or common-law partner factors 40
With a valid job offer 200
Additional points relating to Provincial Nomination or a qualifying offer of arranged employment 600

The current express entry cuts off welcomes a total of 2,750 applicants with the CRS score of 446 or more. The highest scoring candidates are shortlisted and from amongst them, a number is selected through draw for the Invitation to Apply (ITA). The total number of points available in Express Entry is 1200.

The two conditions that arise in such scenarios are –

Condition 1 – The applicant doesn’t have a spouse or a common-law partner

Condition 2 – The applicant has a spouse or a common law-partner.

For both the conditions, the components and the corresponding points are as follows –

Components Condition 1/Condition 2
Education and experience factors 500/460
Spouse or common-law partners N/A /40
Transferability factors 100/100
Additional points (job offer or PT nomination) 600/600
Grand Total 1200/1200

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