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Is Immigration To Canada Easy?

Immigration to Canada

Immigrating to another country is a big decision. And you need to be very sure before you take such a decision. Coming from an Indian background, moving to such different culture can be very difficult. Immigration to Canada from India/Australia follows a standard and simple procedure. You just have to follow the protocols and if you clear the eligibility criteria, you will be permitted to become a permanent resident of the country. The process is known as “Express Entry. The program has divided the immigrants into groups such as entrepreneurs, federal skilled workers, spouses, and others.

Immigration to Canada

The Standard Procedure

To avail of the Canadian immigration services, you have to register on the online portal and fill out the questionnaire. And according to choices entered by you in your form, you will be rewarded points. And those points will decide your fate. If your points meet the benchmarked limit, then you might qualify as a permanent resident of the country. And when you have been a permanent resident of the country for a year or so, you do not have to stay away from loved ones. You can bring your family with you to bridge the gap created in the past years.

The government of Canada offers a Federal Spouse Sponsorship program through which you can bring in your family members/spouse to your new place. Show them around the town, and introduce them to the culture of Canada. As the culture of Canada varies significantly from Indian culture. You can bring them in during the fall season as, during the fall, Canada turns into beautiful colors of crimson and orange. It is the most beautiful time of the year.

Lenient Policies

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) basically determines the fate of your applications. They score your application through CRS (Competitive Ranking System). Even though the procedure may sound lengthy but the policies adopted by the government of Canada are comparatively lenient. When you are immigrating to Canada, you are not allowed to carry more than $10,000 per family. The express entry program, so far, has been supportive of immigrants. The procedure is speedy and efficient and aims for maximum convenience of immigrants without disturbing the guidelines set by the government.

Social Security

The government of Canada offers social security advantages to its immigrants. Facilities such as healthcare, education, employment insurances, disability benefits, housing benefits, public pensions, and many more are provided by the government of Canada. The government not only thinks about the youth but also plans for the elderly. Giving assistance to the elderly like old age homes is provided by the government. Canada pension plan or Quebec Pension Plan has also been introduced for benefitting the retired. Income support or social assistance or welfare assistance is a program to alleviate extreme conditions of poverty by simply providing a payment/amount to those with no or little income on a monthly basis.

In a nutshell, immigration to Canada from India/Australia is an easy procedure as long as you follow all the protocols sincerely.