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canada Partner visa (Spouse visa)

canada Partner visa

The canada Partner visa helps in bringing your spouse and dependents to canada. If you are a permanent resident of canada and want to bring your dependents to come and stay with you in canada then applying for canada Partner visa helps. There are a number of programs under which the canadian government allows dependents to be allowed in the country for stay. It is as a part of these programs that the visas will be granted.

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Here are some of the key points to note to ensure that your loved ones can be immigrated to canada to be able to stay with you
  • If you want to bring in your Spouse/ dependent/ Common-law partner/ Conjugal partner to canada then you will have to meet the “Sponsorship guidnilees”.
  • The sponsor must be a minimum of 18 years by age and should prove the financial stability to be able to support the sponsored persons throughout the entire period of stay.
  • The Sponsors should prove that they can provide the essentials like food, clothing, etc. to the Sponsored person. In addition, the Sponsor should be capable of providing health care needs like dental care, eye care, and other health care facilities which are normally available as a part of public health services to canadian Citizens.
  • The Sponsor should also have a physical residence in canada.
  • As per the federal sponsorship programs the Sponsored person who is ideally a foreign resident should be approved by the Citizenship and immigration canada (CIC). It is only then that the sponsored person can receive a visa.
  • In addition, the Sponsor should also be approved by the Citizenship and immigration canada (CIC).
  • There are dependent child sponsorship programs as well by use of which the Sponsor can bring in a dependent child from a foreign national into canada.
  • There are a number of Provincial Family Class Sponsorship programs under the purview of which a Sponsor can also move other dependents like parents/ grandparents etc.
  • There are some eligibility requirements that need to be met by the dependents based on the nature of the dependent like the age, relationship with the sponsor, etc.

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