How To Apply For Canada PR From India- Step By Step Guide

Canada is a place where Indians move to obtain great career opportunities and live a progressive, growing life. More and more people apply for Canada Permanent Residency Visa and many want to apply. The PR or Permanent Residency in Canada gives you a permit to live there for 5 years. With Canada Permanent Residency Visa, you obtain great living benefits similar to the benefits provided to a Canadian in terms of education, health, security, and others. We, at Nile Migration, are here to help you in every possible way to obtain Canada PR from India. Our experts have designed a simple-to-understand process of applying for Canada Permanent Residency Visa. Learning every step in advance will save you from silly mistakes and their big consequences.

IRCC (Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada) manages and controls Canada immigration(Our RCIC code is R516104). This is a federal authority that decides the guidelines and rules of Canada immigration. On a foundational level, Canadian immigration involves two processes. One process comes within Federal Express Entry and the other one comes within PNP or Provincial Nominee Programs. There are different ways of applying in both kinds of processes. Under PNP, you get a specific provincial PR permit. However, the Express Entry allows you to settle in any place in Canada.

Canadian PR visa is achievable via:

Express Entry Program
Provincial Nominee Programs
Quebec Skilled Worker Program

And more!

Each program has its unique conditions, so they suit different kinds of individuals. The rules and guidelines differ for each pathway.

For Indians, it is mandatory to stay in Canada for at least 2 out of the given 5 years. Otherwise, the PR is cancelled.

Steps you need to complete the Canada Permanent Residency Visa process in 2021:

Step 1 – ECA or Education Credential Assessment

In Express Entry, you need to include ECA or Education Credential Assessment document. This document supports that all your qualifications align with the Canadian system of education. This is the first important step towards getting accepted for PR immigration. Professionals convey that they have the skills required in the Canadian market. The ECA is provided by the WES or World Education Services. You can find the services online and obtain your document.

Step 2 – Language Ability Report from IELTS

The language proficiency is a big part of Express Entry. Hence, you need this IELTS report on language ability to earn points. The proficiency is tested in terms of reading, writing, speaking and listening to the English language. This report ensures that you can fit in the social setting of Canada and communicate conveniently with people living there.

Step 3 – Submitting Application to Express Entry

After getting all the required documents, you can fill the application form and submit online. This is when you need to decide which immigration category you want to apply through. The categories are:

Federal Skilled Worker Program
Federal Skilled Trades Program
Canadian Experienced Class

You should select the best-suited channel and create your whole profile accordingly. Then, you can fill the application online and provide all the asked details related to your age, work, education, marital state, and others. At the same time, you need to attach all the acquired documents to support your details in the application form.

Step 4 – Obtain your CRS

CRS score is also known as the Comprehensive Ranking System score. These are points given according to the profile you provide via your application. Different aspects get you different extent of points. Your overall score depends on your language proficiency, age, education, work, and other aspects. Our experts recommend knowing your CRS score in advance, so you can work on it and improve.

Step 5 – Increase your CRS points

With the right approach, you can work on your CRS score and improve it gradually.

  • Start by working on your language proficiency. You can obtain a maximum of 24 points from this aspect of scoring. The higher you score in IELTS the more points you earn. So, you should prepare for IELTS first and then indulge in the assessment.
  • Second language points are available as well if you are officially trained. You can learn French to enhance your CRS points.
  • The post – graduate study is important to grab good points from the educational aspect of scoring. You should get a Master’s degree or at least obtain a post-graduation diploma. However, the maximum number of points requires a Ph.D.
  • Increase your work experience beyond 3 years at least for a good score. Even during the PR application assessment process, you should keep on increasing your work experience.

Step 6 – Applying for PNP or a Provincial Nomination Program

If you apply for a PNP, the chances of winning the Express Entry draw increases. There are various provinces in Canada and they all have their own requirements in terms of immigrants. You can look into those requirements first and apply for the best-suited one. At Nile Migration, we can recommend the best PNP option for you to increase the chances of successfully obtaining it.

Step 7 – Let the Express Entry draw happen

After all the work, you can sit and let the Express Entry draws occur. These draws are conducted at an interval of 15 days or less.

Step 8 – Receive your ITA or a Nomination Certificate

After getting selected, you either get an ITA or a provincial nomination. The ITA is also known as Invitation to Apply. After receiving either the ITA or the nomination, you get a limited period to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Step 9 – Arrange and provide required documents

You need several documents when applying for PR in Canada:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Documents related to your educational qualification
  • Proof of work experience
  • A valid passport
  • Most recent photographs
  • Offer letter for a permanent job from your Canadian Employer (if required)

And other case-specific documents!

We are here to support and assist you in every step of applying for PR in Canada. For every interested Indian, we can resolve all the doubts and genuinely help in achieving permanent residency in Canada.

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Canadian Permanent Residence Card

To all the individuals who fit the Canada PR guidelines and eligibility, IRCC provides a PR Card or Permanent Residency card. This card works as a proof of the PR status for an individual. A PR holder can apply for Canadian citizenship after living for 3 years in Canada with a PR card. The visa still stays valid for the designated 5 years. After that, the PR holder can apply for renewal.

The holder of a PR card can obtain various benefits such as:

  • Ability to become a permanent resident in any place in Canada.
  • Ability to work or study in any place in Canada.
  • Ability to sponsor other eligible family members.
  • Ability to apply for citizenship in Canada after 3 years of stay.
  • Ability to save tax on any income earned outside of Canada.
  • Ability to obtain subsidized education.
  • Ability to obtain family and social security facilities.
  • Ability to receive unemployment wages.
  • Ability to obtain protection within Canadian law.

You can’t work in high-level government or security-related designations.

Documents required for Canada Permanent Residency Visa from India

To successfully complete the Canada PR application process, you should obtain the following documents:

  • Get proof of funds, with which, you can sustain your life in Canada for 3 months minimum. Here, you can use bank statements and reports from other authentic financial institutions.
  • Get your ECA to provide support for your educational qualification.
  • Go through the skill assessment conducted by IRCC and obtain the report to become eligible for the skills required in Canada.
  • IELTS score suggests how proficient you are in terms of your English language proficiency. Your IELTS score has to be no older than 2 years.
  • A legitimate identity proof.
  • Certificates for health clearance and character clearance.

Our Canada PR visa experts are available all the time to help you understand all documents related requirements. We make immigration quicker and smooth for our clients.

Processing time for Canada Permanent Residenct Visa from India

Depending on the availability and correctness of the PR application, you can expect about 6-9 months to complete the PR process.

The information requirements are:

  • Latest and most-relevant documents
  • Latest photograph of the applicant.
  • Medical certificate
  • Passport, travel documents, and their copies
  • Certificate of police clearance
  • Work experience documents
  • Proof of available funds

After reaching Canada, you need to submit the following documents:

  • For express entry- 6 months in Canada
  • For PNPs- 6 months if applying via Express Entry or 15 months if not using Express Entry.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program- 13 months in Canada
  • Family sponsorship- depends on the specifics of the case
  • Business or investor- 97 months

Fees of Canada Permanent Residency Visa in Indian currency

Let get to know the fees of Canada PR. If you are interested in knowing that at how much cost Canada PR can be taken, just read below.< The application for Canadian immigration starts when the candidate applies for the WES exam. This exam verifies how believable the education of a candidate is.

WES charges a candidate an extra amount of 85 CAD (Rs 4,363) for sending the reports of the degree to IRCC. Apart from that, there is a charge of 220(11,290INR) for the evaluation of the mark sheets. This adds up to Rs 15,653.

A candidate who aspires to go to Canada must also show his English language skills. This is done by showing the IELTS exam results. The candidate can appear for the IELTS exam either from their house via a computer or go in person to an IELTS center. The cost for both these variants of this test is Rs 13,250. If a candidate does not want to appear for IELTS, but for the CELPIP exam, then the costs are lower. The costs of this exam are 265 CAD. This is equivalent to 13,600 in Indian rupees.

After the candidate has appeared for the IELTS exam and submitted his results of the IELTS exam, he then needs to wait for the nod of the Canadian government ( Invitation to apply). After getting the ITA, a candidate can proceed forward with his application for the Canadian PR. It requires a total cost of 1,040 CAD. This includes the Right of Permanent Residence Fees of 490 CAD(25,160 Rupees) and Application Fee for the PR visa of 550 CAD(28,240 INR). The total costs are equivalent to Rs 53,400.

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