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Canada Permanent Resident Visa from India

How To Obtain Canada Permanent Resident Visa from India  

Benefits of Permanent Resident Card 

  • They can study, live and work in any part of Canada.
  • They are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.
  • They are eligible of social benefits which other Canadian citizens get along with health care.
  • They are protected under Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canadian Laws.

Documents Required 

To get permanent resident visa:

  • Educational Credential Assessment.
  • Proof that you have sufficient money to support yourself and application
  • Official translations, copies and originals of documents that supports the applications. You will also need to provide the certificates, personal ID proofs, educational diplomas, degrees, relevant information and sponsor letters.

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  • Skills assessment tests.
  • Language test results.
  • Other documents if required based on visa categories.
  • Additional Fees.

How to get PR in Canada? 

The various programs available to get permanent residence Visa are:

  • PR in Canada as Skilled Immigrant
    they get selected on the basis of Education, English/French Language Skills, Work Experience, age etc. They need to apply via Federal Express Entry System.
    Who can apply for it?
    Federal skilled workers( foreign applicants having skilled professional work experience)
    Federal Skilled Trades Program(applicants having experience in skilled manual work)Canadian Experience Class(applicants in Canada with skilled professional work experience)
  • Self-employed Person
    a foreign national who has experience enough to get employed in Canada and help me their economic gain. They are selected on basis of Age Education Experience, Language abilities, and Adaptability.
  • Start-up visa
    Requirements :
    Selected Organization supports your Business scheme or idea
    Meet the language proficiency requirements
    Have a sufficient arrangement of funds
  • QSWP (or investor or entrepreneur program) Program
    Immigrants selected on basis of the skill requirement for economy and labour market.
  • Provincial nominee
    Applicants who got nomination from state or province in Canada under agreement with Canada Government.
    There are 2 stages of application for PNP:
    Apply to the PNP of province or territory – where you will reside. Based on immigration system requirements and if you really plan to live there or not, a decision is made.
    Apply to IRCC – to get permanent residence after getting nomination certificate from the territory. Based on rules of Canada, it gets reviewed.

Nile Immigration will help you to get Permanent Resident visa from India to Canada. You can contact us for our service anytime.

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