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Canada Permanent Resident Visa


Get the opportunity to live a good life in Canada with the help of the Canada permanent residency visa, Canada federal skilled workers program, Provincial nomination programs for Canada

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Canada is one of the richest countries with respect to cultural aspects as well as it offers a high standard of living due to this reason it could be stated as one of the most asked-for country by immigrants. Everybody is keen to get the Canada PR visa because the economic conditions over here are quite amazing as the rate of employment is not low and is rated as one of the best countries for immigration. All these things attract immigrants from all across the globe, to visit and live in the country and it is one of the biggest reasons that it consists of a very diverse culture. Since the past few years a good growth of immigrants has been observed in Canada as it is quite convenient to apply 

For Immigration Canada Permanent Resident.

The Canadian government welcomes well-skilled people from all over the world, who are looking for a better life. Therefore, the policies of Canadian-PR Visa are not very hard and with the introduction of the Canada Express Entry Program, the procedure has become even more convenient and easy. This program is special as it gives priority to the individuals who are good in skills and people who work professionally in order to be able to add up a contribution to the state as well as the national economy of the country. There are a number of other programs designed for skilful workers and professionals in order to become a permanent resident of the country as well. The programs for Canada Permanent Residency include-

And various other Canada PR visa streams are also in the series. In order to get prepared to be a permanent resident of the country you have to know the Canada Permanent Visa Requirements and for confirming the eligibility criteria and other things required in applying for a immigration to Canada you could fill up an enquiry form for free and get our expert’s advice.   

An important thing that should be considered is that almost every Canada PR visa program is conducted on the basis of point system. In that case if an individual desires to get a Canada permanent resident visa, he or she must score well in the field of education, work experience, age as well as language skills.

Let’s discuss the permanent residence in Canada in detail

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New rules for the Canada PR visa in 2018

Changes are done quite often in the process of Canada Immigration as it is a dynamic domain. Apparently, changes happen with the government of Canada changes. With the declaration of IRCC’S invitation of more than a million immigrants to visit Canada by the year 2020 a number of changes in policies for immigration are expected. Although, no such changes in policies have been declared by IRCC  in 2018, in 2017 changes comprising of a decline in the points for a proffered job offer in this country and addition of points for knowing the French language had happened. Therefore, next changes in policies could be figured out.

Starting from the very first point, an announcement has been made by the IRCC, that individuals who would have job offers with them would be provided with CRS points, in which 200 would be for jobs in management and only 50 for those in other professional sectors. Therefore, holding a job offer would not be enough to assure selection in the program of Express Entry like it was earlier. Going with the new rules that are set by the IRCC, in order to apply for immigration to Canada in 2018 as a dependent child, an age of fewer than 22 years would be considered appropriate. The age limit for dependent children was lower than 19 years. That means a person with unmarried marital status and less than the age of 22 years can get a PR to Canada accompanying his parents without involving himself into the hassle of applying for an individual or a separate visa. Same is the case with mental invalids and dependants even if they are above 22 years old.

Important Note: IRCC (immigration refugee and citizenship Canada) offers a lot of freedom in terms of programs for immigration with an exclusive type of program for a different group of immigrants (those knowing French well, those with Canadian work experience etc). Hence, it has become quite important to have the knowledge of an appropriately suiting program in order to avoid delay in the permanent resident visa process. But, one should have the knowledge of every particular pertaining to getting a visa to live on a PR and start a job in Canada beginning with the information about Canada PR visa and its importance. That's why an immigration consultancy like Nile Immigration helps you in identifying the particulars of the program for which you are

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What is the meaning of getting a Permanent Residency Card or Canada PR Visa?

The Canadian permanent resident visa is provided to the immigrants by the immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada (IRCC) to those who fit into every asked eligibility criteria. As such, Nile Migration understands such eligibility criteria and applying through us helps in building up your chances for the Canada PR from India.

In order to help the permanent residents, a PR card is provided to them. This is done to deal with the situation in which holder of a PR card goes out of the country; then it is required for him or her to have a PR card for returning. Therefore, traveling to and from the country is quite convenient with this card and for a permanent resident, it could act as a proof. Holding the PR card enables a person to work and reside legally within the political boundaries of the country of Canada without enabling him or her to receive complete citizenship.  

Do I qualify for Canada PR Visa From India ?

How permanent residency could be beneficial?  

There are various advantages of holding a permanent residency in Canada. Most important among the series include-

  • Right to live, work and study in any site of the country.
  • Several benefits available exclusively for the Canadian citizen could be enjoyed.
  • It supports the application for citizenship of Canada.
  • Being a permanent resident a person gets protection under law and order of Canada.

Therefore, working and living in Canada would be quite beneficial if you get the Canada PR from India.

Some Restrictions on a permanent resident

A holder of a PR card is enabled to enjoy almost every benefit that a common citizen of Canada enjoys but there are some restrictions. A permanent resident visa holder has to demonstrate his or her card various times while doing a job and living in the country. It could be considered as one of the most significant legal residence proof an immigrant should contain while living in Canada. This card has the validity until the time period of five years and after this, an applicant can look for renewing the status of PR and can also apply for complete citizenship.

Although, there are several advantages of a permanent resident some restrictions are also there which do not apply to a citizen. Being a permanent resident:

  • An individual is not allowed to vote or handle a political office.
  • A person couldn’t work at a post with high-security clearance.

Canada PR from Australia

If you live in Australia, then getting the Canada PR  from Australia is possible through us. Nile Migration helps you with an unflinching devotion.

How to get the Canada PR from Australia?

Atlantic immigration pilot program (AIPP)

Please note that this program is only applicable for immigration to the 4 Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. As per the norms of this program, the candidate can get immigration to these provinces, when he has the job offer in any one of them. This program is only applicable to you once you have the employment in one of these provinces.

Apart from employment, someone should have education at least till the high school level. So, if you have either experience of 1 year or have job-related training, high school education, and an employment offer, you can become eligible as per the AIPP.

This is how a candidate gets the Canada PR from Australia as per AIPP.

Apart from this program, Express Entry is the major way to get the Canada PR

from Australia. As an Australian, you have a major edge when you are getting the Canada PR from Australia. It’s because of your excellent knowledge of English. Australians get a high score in IELTS, due to which so many Australians get Canadian Express Entry invites every year.

Apart from Express Entry and AIPP, Nile migration has succeeded to make so many aspirants get Canada PR from Australia through the PNP programs.

PNP programs have succeeded in getting immigrants. It’s because these programs have been developed on the rational grounds of employment and education. So, immigrants are only sent invites when they have the educational experience of a certain province or are chosen for employment there.

As you can see, Canada PR from Australia is easy to avail when you consultants like us who spend their entire time processing Canada PR visa applications from all parts of the world. Through our positive attitude and experience, we have made sure, that getting the Canada PR from Australia happens judiciously for you.

Number of categories under which a PR could be applied-

The Government of Canada offers several programs which focus on providing talented and skilled professionals with a PR in order to cover the gap of jobs in the Canadian market. There are some programs for other immigrants also.

The categories under which a person could apply for PR

Federal Skilled Worker
Click Here

Federal Skilled Worker Program Looks for Skilled Employees to Work in Canada. Find out how!

PNP programs
Click here

Know your Eligibility for Admission on PR into the Province Where you Want to Live.

Quebec skilled worker program
Click Here

Get to be in the 2nd most Prosperous Province of Canada after Ontario Through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Family Sponsorship
Click Here

Missing your Family? Get them to Canada with us.

Skilled immigrants via Express Entry
Click Here
Canadian Experience Class
Click Here

Experience in Canada is a true asset. Get to Immigrate to Canada with this Experience. Know whether your Canadian Experience Counts!

Investors Entrepreneurs and Self Employed
Click Here

Invest in the most Business Friendly Country in the World Through our Consultation for the Investor and Entrepreneur Visas of Canada

Live in caregiver Visa
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Work as a Canadian Au-pair and get PR there

How To Apply for Canada PR Canada in 2018-19?

The very first step is to contact the experts of immigration in Nile Migration. These experts will provide a set of essential advice along with analyzing of profile details prior to initiating the process. Once the needs and requirements are understood in your mind we could also assist in the completion of the application.

With the professional help of experts and with their experience, a person can finish the procedure of immigration really quick and look forward to leading a better life in Canada.

Considering Express Entry Program for applying to become a Canada permanent resident is the most rapid way of getting a Canada PR visa

The process of applying for the  Canadian permanent resident visa in order to immigrate to Canada involves the following steps –

ECA (education credential assessment)

ECA (education credential assessment): Its purpose is to demonstrate the education or academic qualifications of the applicant and that he is eligible enough to work and reside in the country. It is required for proving that the applicant’s academic qualifications are not less than the requirements of the education system in Canada at every stage. Hence, it could be stated as one of the most significant documents and an applicant must get it on the priority basis. World Education Services issues the education credential assessment and it could be applied for on the internet.

Report of language ability by IELTS

Report of language ability by IELTS: It is also an important application for immigration. It is a document with the help of which an applicant could show his or her language abilities to the officers in charge as well as he or she could also make a fine impression on the employers of Canada. Along with this, it also boosts the overall CRS in a sound manner. Therefore, it is recommended to become quite efficient in the language. In case of facing trouble while preparing for the exam of IELTS, we prove to be helpful as we provide training sessions for IELTS that are specially designed to provide a support to applications of immigrants for getting good scores with the shortest time, required for training.

Our team also lets you know about the IELTS scores which you must obtain to get clearance for Canada PR. It's not easy to attempt IELTS, and a candidate wants to put his best foot forward which is only possible with our guidance about the adequate scores. Since the candidate knows what is the enough IELTS score for the getting express entry points, he puts efforts for this exam accordingly.

Submission of an application for express entry

Submission of an application for express entry: After getting every required document, an applicant could submit their application on the internet by getting online. One of most important thing to keep in mind during applying a visa for Canada immigration is to be informed about the three streams which are considered to be the most important and are Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, and the Federal Skilled Trades Program. it is recommended to an applicant to get in touch with our experts of immigration in order to know about the most suitable application. One should be assured that all the submitted information is complete and the real formal documents could act as a backup for them. Along with the application for immigration, essential documents should also be submitted.

Score well in CRS

Score well in CRS: It could be counted as the major aspect in order to get selected for getting a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa. After an applicant has created his or her profile in the express entry as well as submitted all the required information, a profile would be assigned to them on the basis of scores which would be given according to the provided information. The good score of a CRS depends highly upon the factors like language ability, the age of the applicant, education, work experience etc. This would be the ultimate decision ensuring the qualification of the applicant for immigration. That’s why we suggest applicants use the services that we provide for getting aware of the CRS score prior to applying the things for real. If an applicant does this thing, he or she knows the scored points as well as improving them in order to bring them to levels that are required to be selected for a Canada PR visa.

Once the whole procedure of application is completed, an applicant has to wait for the express entry draws. In case of having a higher CRS score than the set cut off, one could get IRCC’s invitation for applying. EED or express entry draws are generally held one time in every fifteen days. But they could even take place quite sooner and this could be possible only because of the introduction of new policies.

Provincial Nomination Programs or PNPs application would be the second best option after CRS system and it could be used as a backup plan if CRS scores are less. An applicant should be assured that he or she have checked out the particulars of application of the applying territory prior to the submission of the real application. A good option, in this case, is to contact our experts of immigration who could provide the applicants with inside information regarding with the territory and whether that particular territory would be suitable to them or not. After acquiring the provincial nomination program or an ITA an applicant is allowed to apply for a visa of a permanent resident within 30 days in case of PNP and 90 days for ITA.

Getting good CRS score is really important, how to improve it?

A successful immigration requires a good score in CRS and usually, immigrants fail to get a visa because of not having good CRS points. Therefore, it is suggested to the aspiring immigrants to improve the CRS score by following these simple steps-

  • Increase the scores on the basis of language ability: This could be considered as the most convenient and easy way for scoring high in CRS. This could be done even more easily by getting the specially designed training for IELTS. Clients are provided with the full training of IELTS and it is made sure that immigration aspirants get as high scores as possible.
  • Learning French: An immigrant’s application could be even boosted with the help of primary knowledge of the French language. He or she only has to demonstrate the speaking skills of the language for getting some bonus points and being expert or extremely good at it, is not necessary.
  • Improvement in the educational background or academic qualifications: The post graduation degree could be proved as one of the best thing required for gaining good scores in this particular field and doing so is not that much difficult. It even makes an applicant a better candidate in order to acquire a job in Canada. A post-graduation diploma would also be helpful in improving the CRS score but it would not be as effective as a degree.
  • Increasing work experience would be useful: In an ideal situation, having work experience of more than 3 years would be helpful in acquiring high scores in this field. It is suggested that the applicants should work constantly during the time of processing of PR application as this would result in showing a higher experience in the field of work.

As, it is, well known that some documents are really important for immigration and some of those required for a PR visa of Canada involve-

A passport which is valid for a long duration
Proof of identity
Work experience of the applicant
Documents of academic qualifications
Recent pictures of the applicant
An offer letter of a job from an employer of Canada is optional

In order to get an authentic professional’s help in making an application for the Permanent resident visa of Canada, an aspiring immigrant could connect with the experts of Canada immigration as they would be taking care of each and every necessary factor of immigration to Canada. Get started by filling of the free assessment form.

Basic requisites of getting a visa of Permanent resident

There are some of the basic requisites that are needed for considering a permanent resident status. However, the people who are willing to apply for a permanent resident visa should keep in mind that they would not be invited for applying for a permanent resident visa just by qualifying for it. An applicant’s profile would be rated and assessed through IRCC and it would be put up to foil the profiles of other applicants for the permanent residency of Canada from succeeding. After completing this process, if the rating of an applicant falls within the application’s invitation for the status range of PR, then only he or she would be asked to apply for a PR visa. The several requirements are-

  • Age of an applicant must lie within the specified boundaries decided by CIC.
  • An applicant should be having a good language ability, proficiency in French or English is preferred, however, being good at both would be an addition.
  • Medical documents by recognized government professionals that certify an applicant’s health are required. Along with that, an applicant should also acquire police cleared identity documents that would be submitted while official assessment.
  • An applicant should contain a report of ECA (education credential assessment) as it would be needed to be produced while assessment.
  • Minimum academic qualifications criteria that are set by CIC should be met by the applicant that requires holding a degree that is equivalent to a well-known Institutional body of Canada or from India only.
  • An applicant should prove that he or she contains enough required funds for settling in Canada and would be capable of affording the expenses of his or her family as well.

After completing the conditions of all these categories, he should have scored the sum of 67 points. Without getting these points, you cant be eligible either for Express Entry nor for any of the PNP Canada programs.

Checklist of 2018 for PR visa documents of Canada

Checklist of 2018 for PR visa documents of Canada

The lists of documents that are needed for complete submission of an immigrant’s application of visa for Canada through the Express Entry program are as follows-

  •  Tests of language ability that demonstrate proficiency in French or in English or in both the languages.
  • Legally proved offer letters from some registered and recognized companies.
  • Documents that state immigration nomination by a territory.
  • The applicant must have a relevant and valid passport.
  • Documents that show that applicants as well as their family members that are going to Canada have gone through medical examinations undertaken by the relevant and registered designated physicians.
  • Documents that demonstrate applicants and his companions have gone through the police verification which means they are free from any criminal charge.

What is the meaning of  Canada PR points?

The ability to move to Canada is attested on the grounds of various factors which involve candidate’s age, academic qualifications, the experience of work, proficiency in the adaptability of language etc. This system is designed in order to sort out the most deserving immigration candidates among a large number of applicants and allowing the entry of most qualified ones without any partiality. An applicant could gain a maximum point of 100 scores and a minimum point of 67 is needed on an average basis in order to qualify for the process of immigration. The list of different segments where points could be scored by an applicant includes-

  • Skills in the language with maximum 24 points
  •  Academic qualifications include 25 points
  • Work experience consists of 15 points maximum
  • Employment arranged in Canada includes maximum 10 points
  • Adaptability includes maximum 10 points
  • The system of PR points is the very first criteria in order to determine chances of an immigrant to visit

Canada and lead a good life over there. It is suggested that an applicant should work hard in order to score as high points as possible and this would be beneficial in shortening the time period of the application process. An applicant could have a talk with experts for learning more about the PR point system of Canada.

First of all, a careful reading of all the information given here is advised. After that contact our management team through an email or phone call regarding any question related to eligibility criteria, rules, and the fees of the process and other. Our experts would be clearing every doubt and after that, we could team up to meet all the eligibility required along with reducing the time of the process.

The time required in the process

There are different factors, on which the time required in the process of application is based ,like type of application, nationality of the immigrant, stream to be chosen etc. There are various categories through which a person could apply for visa and every process needs different period. The average processing time of application for a private citizen falls in between the time period of six to twelve months. The other factors in this may include-

  •    The time required for medical examination and verification by police: These documents certify the clearance that an applicant has to submit once he or she has entered the country. For getting it done in the shortest time, an applicant should get every relevant document in order being at his or her native country prior to leaving for Canada.
  •    How simple is the verification process: The last stage is referred to as the process of verification and includes the documentation that each applicant of the visa has to go through.

To ensure the rapidness in response to authentic documentation, an applicant has to provide the authentic authorities with the correct documents for the validation of his personality and other essentials as fast as possible. This is a help in cutting down on the required time in the verification process. Anyways, if we start discussing the time which expires before the applicant is able to get the Canada PR visa after applying for it from the location of India, depends on the type of Canada visa he has opted for. Different kinds of visas have different times required for the processing of this visa, due to which it's mandatory that the candidates have the corresponding patience levels.

PNPs are a cumbersome process because they involve the participation of provincial governments as well apart from the IRCC. So, it requires someone to wait for the period of a year, after applying for the PNP because first, the provincial government confirms whether you are suitable for immigration here.

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So, are you ready to get a Permanent Residency in Canada?!

Through Nile Migration you can apply directly Canada PR click here

You may call the qualified immigration experts at Nile Migration on contact no. 011-49444555 (Delhi), +61 2 9037 8432 (Australia).

To confirm your eligibility for Canada PR visa, you may fill the free assessment form. You may also send your queries with regards to Canada immigration and PR visa to email id-

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To know about Canada permanent resident visa processing time, application costs and more kindly, visit our FAQ page.

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Can I go to Canada without a job offer?

Yes, Ontario is the only province where a job offer is not needed. For a candidate to be suitable to get immigration here, this province has requirements for a candidate to know French and have a work experience of 2-3 years from any country including Canada.

Knowledge of French is necessary to get clearance in the Ontario Express Entry Streams. For other immigration routes to this province apart from knowing French, please contact the Nile Migration team.

Which is the easiest province to immigrate to Canada?

Ontario is the easiest province to immigrate to Canada because it does not have the condition for a candidate to have a job. Immigration is easily possible once you have the 400 Express Entry points. If you don’t have these many points, immigration to this province isn’t possible.

A candidate can only expect his profile to be picked up after filing his application for Ontario, once he has opted for the “Canadian Experience Class” or “Federal Skilled Worker” programs. A candidate should have a score of CLB 7 in French.

How long is the Canadian PR valid?

A PR card is only valid for time duration of 5 years. This PR is given to an immigrant for 5 years because after that time it has to be renewed. The renewal after 5 years depends on how long you have stayed in Canada on this PR in the duration of last 5 years. If you have a stay of less than 2 years, the PR is  not renewed.

The PR holders who have spent a longer time(more than 2 years) away from Canada, cant get this visa.

How long does the process of PERMANENT RESIDENCY TO CANADA take?

The time that elapses in you getting the permanent residency to Canada depends on the immigration stream selected by a candidate. A candidate has to wait for 6 months if he has filed his application through the Express Entry. He has to, wait for, 1 year if his application has been filed through PNP. The time to get the PR also depends on a candidate’s Express Entry score. If his score is high, the candidate can also get the invite quickly in the shortest time period of 2 weeks and his PR processing time in this case is 3-4 months.

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Canada Permanent resident visa allows you to live in Canada after getting shortlisted through the selective Express Entry system. This qualitative ranking system selects those who are appropriate for Canada immigration after judging their applications for various attributes like age, pertinent work experience, and education. Then the chosen candidates are sent invitations to complete their applications for getting the Canadian PR visa.
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