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Canada Refugee Sponsorship Programs

Types of Canada Refugee Sponsorship Programs 

The PSRP (Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program) is a Canadian refugee relocation program that allows permanent residents and Canadian citizens to hold the relocation of refugees from overseas countries. Every year the huge numbers of refugees get help from Canada Refugee Sponsorship Programs.

Types of Refugee Sponsorship Programs 

There are numerous ways through which refugees can be sponsored to Canadian Province. Some of the programs are below:

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  • Sponsorship Agreement Holders- Sponsorship Agreement Holders- Sponsorship agreement holders are organisations that have signed contracts and agreements with Canadian Government to support and assist refugees from overseas while they arrive at the Canadian province.Groups of Five- Groups of Five are the group of five or more permanent resident or Canadian citizens more than 18 years of age who may sponsor and support one or more refugees to arrive in Canada to reconcile in their neighbouring society. However, a Group of Five may only back a candidate who by now has refugee standing.
  • Community Sponsors- A Community Sponsor is a group, corporation or association that can support and sponsor refugees to approach to Canada. However, Community Sponsors can only sponsor that candidate who previously acquires refugee status.
  • Blended Visa Office-Referred Program- The (BVORP) Blended Visa Office-Referred Program is a category where the Canadian Government, as well as private sponsors, work jointly to support and back a refugee. The (UNRA) United Nations Refugee Agency classifies the refugees that come beneath this category.
  • Joint Assistance Sponsorship Program- Through the (JASP) Joint Assistance Sponsorship Program, various organisations may partner or associate with CIC (Citizenship & Immigration Canada) to relocate refugees with special needs.
  • Sponsor in Quebec- One can also enter Quebec province through Canada Refugee Sponsorship Programs, but the province has its procedure and course for refugee sponsorship.

Procedure and Conditions to Sponsor a Refugee 

An organisation or citizen or permanent resident of Canada can sponsor a refugee from overseas countries to approach to Canada and live and work there through Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program. However, after sponsoring is the duty of sponsor to take care of the refugee. Some of the conditions that a sponsor must follow are as follows:

•    The sponsorship must be sustained for only one year

•    The sponsor must support the refugee in emotional as well as the financial way during the sponsorship duration that means the sponsor should provide accommodation, clothing, food and necessities to the refugee.

•    It is mandatory that the refugee must pass the medical exam and security procedures, as well as he/she, need to qualify under Law of Canada.

Eligibility Criteria for Refugee 

•    The refugee must live in a nation other than Canada and his/her country of origin

•    Meet the classification of any

  • Country of Asylum Class (CAC) or
  • Convention Refugee Abroad Class (CRAC)

•    Is not capable or ready to go back to his/her country of origin.

•    Is not capable of incorporating where he/she is currently living.

•    Have no further suitable way out

•    Have the capability to inhabit productively in Canada.

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