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canada Spouse visa – Partner & Family visa

canada Spouse visa – Sponsor Your Partner to Come and Live in canada!

canada Spouse visa

canada SPOUSE visa – Everything you achieve in life, it is all for those you love. So, you want your family, spouse, partner, and close relatives to live with you and share the life journey together.

The canadian Government allows you to sponsor the spouse, common-law partner, or any other relative to come and live with you in canada.

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Requirements for canada Spouse visa

  • You need to have canadian citizenship or have a permanent residency in canada.
  • You should have enough financial capacity to support the family members in the initial time period.
  • However, this time period can extend to 10 years, depending upon the relationship you have with the family member.
  • If you have already sponsored someone in the past, but the person attained financial support from the canadian government after the immigration. In that situation, you can sponsor another person.

Eligibility requirements for canada spouse visa

  • Should have crossed the 18 years of age.
  • Should have a legally married relationship, according to the common law.
  • Should have the certificate of marriage issued by the provincial government if the marriage took place in canada.
  • The marriage should be valid according to the country’s law if the ceremony was conducted outside canada. Even the ceremony conducted in the embassy needs to be valid according to the law of the country where the ceremony was conducted.
  • Should not suffer from any critical health situation, or have any criminal convictions.

Eligibility requirement of your dependent child

  • Should not have any spouse and have an age below 22 years.
  • If the child is over 22 years of age, then, two situations are applicable:
  • Should be studying full-time.
  • Should be dependent on parents for financial support since and before 22 years of age.

 If the child is below 22 years of age, but has a spouse, then,

  • Should be studying full-time.
  • Should be dependent on parents for financial support since becoming the spouse and common-law partner.
  • The child with mental or physical conditions comes under the category, even if the age is over 22 years.

Eligibility Requirements of the Relatives

  • The relatives under 18 years of age who are orphaned and not married or have a common-law relationship.
  • Under specific conditions, you can sponsor a relative of any age or relationship.
  • The accompanying relatives of your spouse, partner, and dependent children.
  • In order to sponsor any relative of any age or relationship, you need to have no living spouse or common-law partner. The procedure is applicable only if you have no other family member who can be eligible for the family class.

Process Completion & Fee structure

The process completion can take time according to the nationality of the applicant.
  • The right of Permanent Residence Fee requires 490 CAD.
  • The Principal applicant fee is 475 CAD.
  • The principal applicant can pay only 75 CAD if he or she has aged below 22 years and is not a spouse or common-law partner.
  • A family member who is a spouse or common-law partner needs to pay 550 CAD, regardless of the age.
  • A family member who is not a spouse or common-law partner and has an age of fewer than 22 years, needs to pay 150 CAD.
  • At nile migration, we take care of all the requirements and help you successfully complete the procedure.