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Canada Visitor Visa From India

How to Apply for a Canada Visitor Visa from India

Canada Visitor Visa From India

Traveling abroad is an enriching experience in itself and if you are looking forward to spending your vacation in charming Canada, then halt by, as here you will get to know the detailed steps that will help you to have a Canada Visitor Visa from India. For a novice, it is a tad confusing to get things done in the right way.

In addition, many people look forward to shifting their base to Canada and it is one of the few nations that attracts people from different nooks and corners of the world. It is needless to mention, as we all are well aware of the fact, Canada is a technologically advanced nation with a great service industry and it is flourishing with great employment prospects. Now that you are looking forward to visiting Canada here, we are going to help you to set things in accord as this will help you to manage each and every aspect therefore to help assist you here we are going to give you brief information about the visa application process.

Two types of VISA issued by the immigration department of Canada and in the first place, it is essential to know who all are categorized as visitors. Visitors are individuals who are not citizens of Canada or who are not permanent residents of Canada and visitors are people who are legally authorized to enter Canada are as follows:

  • Visit Canada on holiday
  • Visit family
  • Conduct business

Applying for a visa can be tough therefore, it becomes vital to know about the process so that you can get easily Canada Visitor Visa from India, and if you are unmindful, then here we will help you to take up the right the process that will help you to have the visa so that you can fly to Canada. The process is simply facilitated by the VFS in most of India so let us quickly see some of the tips for those who are looking forward to getting things are done on their own that will help you to have entry into the maple leaf kingdom.

  • Visa form and Fee: download the form and document checklist from the VFS Canada website. The fee for a Canadian visa for Indians is INR 4,000 for a single entry visa and 8,000 for a multiple entry visa.
  •  Flight and accommodation booking: it is important to pre-book so that you can show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family on the trip.
  • Cover letter and support document: you need to submit your cover letter summarizing your application and your intent or the purpose of the visits. One can also enclose the visa copies of other nations in order to make them more credible.
  • Choose multiple entry visa option: it is important to have a valid multiple-entry tourist Visa to Canada as an Indian, it has its own advantage and one of the best is that you get a visa on arrival in a handful of other nations then certainly adds to the credibility, when applying visa for other countries.

You may call the qualified immigration experts at Nile Migration on contact no. 011-49444555 (Delhi), +61 2 9037 8432 (Australia).

To confirm your eligibility for applying for a Canada Visitor Visa from India, you may fill out the free assessment form. You may also send your queries with regards to Canadian PR immigration and Visitor visa from India to email id- [email protected]

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