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Canada Work Permit

How to apply for Canada work permit?

What is Canada work permit?

If you want to live in Canada on a temporary basis by working then you need a Work permit in Canada. This permit is the basic requirement for every person who comes here to work and is generally applicable to foreigners. The permission to live in Canada and work here depends upon the authority.

Employment offer is also given out to the workers who don’t belong to Canada. Before granting the work permit, the applicant must have a job offer from Canadian employer. This whole process is handled by ESDC that is Employment and Social Development Canada. Under Canada work permit, you can live and work in Canada for four more years.


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What is LMIA?

After you have acquired a letter of approval from the employer in Canada, you also need to get the offer cleared by LMIA. This authority is handled by Human Resources and Skills Development in Canada that is HRSDC. Canada Work Permit (LMIA Based) gives you a positive when hiring of the employees is done.

It is on the end of the employer that LMIA positive has to be obtained. Main purpose of LMIA is to ensure that no skilled foreign worker remains unemployed in Canada. An approval from this authority helps in protecting the interest of working class who come to stay in Canada.

Eligibility to apply for Canada work permit

If you are applying for Canada work permit, you need to meet some basic criteria:

  • If you have not worked in Canada for more than 4 years which is after 2011
  • An LMIA approved job offer
  • Absence of any critical medical and health conditions

Besides the above eligibility requirements, you also need to convince the immigration officer that you will leave the land after completing your employment duration. You need to prove your financial stability and sufficiency and you must not have any criminal records.

Benefits of Canada work permit

If you have acquired Work permit in Canada, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • You become eligible to apply for Canada PR after you have spent enough time under Canadian work permit
  • You can also call your family to stay with you in Canada
  • You can stay in the country for 4 years at a stretch
  • Your family members can study or work in Canada

There are some key requirements which need to be fulfilled when it comes to applying for Canada PR. You can obtain the PR but there will be some conditions applicable. Your work permit in Canada can also be converted to PR through CEC that is Canadian Experience Class.

Procedure for converting your work permit into PR is a detailed one. You need to meet up some requirements to enjoy greater benefits. You can also take the help of an immigration agency which can help you derive the required benefits for the same. The executives will help you in filling up the application in a correct manner.

Note – Nile Migration does not provide any advice,assistence,or support to obtain LMIA approved Canadian job offer or to apply work permit in Canada. The content and information  shared below is just for the knowledge and understanding of the people who aspire to apply for this visa category.

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So, are you ready to get a Work Permit Visa in Canada?!

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To know about Canada Work Permit visa processing time, application costs and more kindly, visit our FAQ page.

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