Canadian PR Visa From USA

Procedure For Application Of Canadian PR Visa From USA

How about moving to Canada from USA? There is also a lot of ambuigity faced by H-1B Visa holders due to their  Green Card application which is pending in USA. Canada has landscape beauty, social security benefits, stable residency status,  quality of life, liberal policies , diverse culture, Government policies, ideal studying, visionary leadership and , working and business facilities. Due to this it is more suitable for different type of people to visit there with some aspirations or objectives. Canada has a strong economy and is an advanced nation. It is very immigrant friendly and people from USA can travel to Canada hassle-free as it is the best alternative. The professional opportunities, lifestyle, infrastructure is no less than that of USA.

Pathways from USA for applying Canadian Permanent Residency Visa 

Express Entry System

  • The Federal Express Entry System is the fastest and most hassle-free system to apply for immigration Visa. IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) launched this online immigration system which gives points on the basis of the profile.
  • It takes skilled labours from different countries which can meet Canadian labor market’s demand.
  • It chooses candidates on the basis of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) which is point based system.
  • The registered applicants have to mention factors like education, age, work experience, English or French proficiency.
  • Based on these factors, CRS gives them points. The candidates securing top CRS scores are choosen by IRCC in each draw.
  • The cut off CRS scores are declared for each draw.
  •  Candidates who are selected receives ITA or invitation to apply for PR visa in Canada.

What are the other pathways?

Provincial Nominee Programs or PNPs –

The PNP can be divided into two sub categories :
Express Entry sub-category – The candidates who have applied for express entry pool gets notified by PNP so that they can apply through that particular province. He scores additional 600 CRS point, if on applying he gets selected. This gives him better chance to receive ITA from IRCC.
Occupation in Demand Sub-category – This is mainly for skilled workers who have experience and skill that matches a province’s demand for occupation. There is a list of  “In Demand Occupation” from each province and interested applicants can apply for a particular PNP. After getting choosen for nomination, he can apply for Canada PR to IRCC directly.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) 
This is the immigration program of province Quebec located in Canada. On applying to Quebec Skilled Worker Program, you receive CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) if you get selected. If you can show Quebec Selection Certificate, you are eligible for applying to IRCC for Canadian PR Visa.

Now, you know the details for applying PR visa to Canada. It is the best time to immigrate to Canada because they will be hiring over 1 million immigrants now.

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