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Canadian Visa From Saudi Arabia

How To Get Canadian Visa For People From Saudi Arabia 

Are people from the gulf country thinking to move to immigrant friendly, fantastic, magnificient, culturally diverse, ideal and democratic country, Canada? There are a lot of tourists, businessmen, workers, student visiting Canada daily. Visitors and immigrants go there with different ambitions, future aspects and goals. The favorable landscape beauty, social security benefits, stable residency status,  quality of life, liberal policies , diverse culture, Government policies, ideal studying, visionary leadership and working and business facilities makes it more suitable for different type of people to visit there with some aspirations or objectives. Canada has a strong economy and is an advanced nation. But, the confusion lies in choosing the right pathway to immigrate to Canada.

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Pathways to Immigrate to Canada 

There are different Visa categories to immigrate to Canada. The visit type could be study, work or business. Visas also depend on duration of stay and purpose. Let us see all the different types of Visa and apply according to your need.

  • Canadian PR Visa : The permanent Visa lets the candidate to work and live in Canada permanently. You get all the rights of a citizen if you are a permanent resident of Canada. To apply for PR visa, you can go through : PNP, QSWP or Express Entry etc. The Express Entry is mostly used for applying permanent residence for Canada. The permanent residences are eligible of social benefits which other Canadian citizens get along with health care. They also receive protection under Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Canadian Laws.
  • Working Holiday Visa : IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) has designed Working Holiday Visa Scheme so that youngsters between age 18 years to 30 years can visit Canada from overseas and look for work while they are on holiday. They can stay in Canada for about one year. It is a short term visa which gives authorize to work.
  • Business Visa : IRCC have also designed Business Visa for people interested in investment or business opportunities in Canada. The Visa categories under business Visa are : Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot (IIVC) Program, Startup Visa Program, Quebec Business Immigration Program and Business, Entrepreneur and Investment Programs present in other provinces of Canada. A key requirement for applying for Business Visa is you have to show that you have enough fund to invest in the business.
  • Canadian Study Permit : It is for the students internationally who wants to study in top universities in Canada. You need to show acceptance letter from the particular educational institute you want to study from. Also, they need to see if you have enough amount to support your stay and also pay the required tuition fee in Canada.
  • Visit Visa : The land of maples is a beautiful country. There are wonderful landscapes with lot of scenic beauty. You can visit Canada in your favourite refreshment holiday by applying for Visit Visa. The important documents needed are : Valid passport, travel documents, character and health certifications, the immigration officer should be convinced that you will be leaving Canada before expiry of your Visa, the proof of funds so that you can support yourself in Canada.

Now, people of Saudi Arabia can travel to Canada.

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