Comprehensive Ranking System for Express Entry

Comprehensive Ranking System for Express Entry to Your Dream Country

Canada has been a favorable immigration choice for decades because of the compassionate attitude of Canadians for people of different races. If immigration Canada is on your mind because of the uncountable benefits that living here offers, then you must know about Express Entry system of Canada. This is a system of point-based evaluation of potential candidates for immigration to Canada.

Maximum tolerance for everybody

The core benefit of living in Canada is that it’s a cosmopolitan nation. Everyone who comes here finds tolerance for his religion and beliefs. That’s, why Canada is the priority of immigration seekers now.

Social security

The Canadian government helps its people in managing their lives well. So, if you have lost a job due to unfortunate circumstances you can receive help from the government. This help accrues to you because of the payments made through Employment Insurance while you were working.

Even the Old Age security program of the Canadian government is a boon for the senior Canadian citizens. Under this program, monthly payments are made to senior citizens between aged more than 65 years. Those citizens whose age is between 60-64 years are also entitled to monthly payments from the government under this program provided they are either widowed or have low incomes to sustain themselves. This program does not take any payments from residents for the payments given to them.

So, it’s obvious why anyone would opt for immigration Canada now.

The point system 

Once the destination of Canada is set in your mind, the other important thing that you need to have is the ticket, and for that a visa. In brief, visa is a permit or a pass that allows people to move across nations. Some might not be aware that getting a visa is not that easy as it seems. There are certain eligibility conditions and a point system that play the role of deciding factors in getting an Express Entry Canada visa. The entries in the application form hold some weight and an individual’s score is calculated as he fills it up. At the end the total obtained points are checked, and a person’s eligibility is decided. Many do not know about this, but a comprehensive ranking system for express entry exists in which ranks are allotted to the candidates as per the following parameters-

In case of single applicant:

  • Core Human Capital – 500 points max
  • Transferability of skills – 100 points max
  • Additional Factors – 600 points max
    • Provincial Nomination – 600 points
    • Arranged offer of employment (NOC 00) – 200 points
    • Arranged offer of employment (NOC 0, A or B) – 50 points
    • Post secondary education in Canada – Up to 30 pints

If the applicant is being accompanied by Spouse or De facto partner:

  • Core Human Capital – 460 points max
  • Spouse factors – 40 Points
  • Transferability of skills – 100 points max
  • Additional Factors – 600 points max
    • Provincial Nomination – 600 points
    • Arranged offer of employment – 200 points
    • Arranged offer of employment – 50 points

Post secondary education in Canada – Up to 30 pints

Qualifying score 

Every exam that you give in life has a criterion of minimum or qualifying marks. This is done to decide who has failed and who has succeeded. The judging criteria for the PR card application varies from nation to nation and one must understand the rules followed at a particular place in order to get the visa made. Just the same way, in the visa application process, of comprehensive ranking system for express entry of an individual, his qualifying score is decided based on the different factors including his age, experience, education and expertise in languages like English and French. After checking the eligibility on the official site of through the Come to Canada tool, you can apply for the visa but only when you get a score of 67/100 CRS.

Factor by factor break up of CRS score:

  1. Core Human Capital
Factorpoints if being accompanied by spousePoints for single applicant
Language Proficiency150160
Work Experience7080
  1. Spouse Factors
Language proficiency20
Work Experience10
  1. Additional Factors
Canadian post secondary education30
Arranged offer of employment (NOC 00)200
Arranged offer of employment (NOC 0, A or B)50
Nomination from a province600

Increasing points quickly 

When you open the application form, you will see various fields in it which are needed to be filled. They contain points as well and filling them properly is required. You can consider these things for instantly increasing your points-

  • Improving your French and English language.
  • Changing the primary applicant who is more qualified.
  • Get an ECA(educational credential assessment) done for your spouse.
  • Obtaining a PNP certificate from the Canadian government.
  • Getting a job offer from a company in Canada.

Using these tricks can surely improve your score and will help you in obtaining a visa Canada for your permanent residency in this country.

Detailed description of Comprehensive Ranking System

The point of comprehensive ranking system is to judge a candidate based on such factors, that they can be ranked amongst each other in a way, which helps Citizenship and Immigration Canada to understand who would be bringing most skills and human capital to Canada. Based on the results CIC invites candidates ranked highest in the comprehensive system.

Age factor

AgeWith SpouseSingle Applicant
17 years or less00
18 years9099
19 years95105
20 – 29 years100110
30 years95105
31 years9099
32 years8594
33 years8088
34 years7583
35 years7077
36 years6572
37 years6066
38 years5561
39 years5055
40 years4550
41 years3539
42 years2528
43 years1517
44 years56
45 years or more00


Level of EducationWith spouseSingle Applicant
Less than Secondary school (high school) credential00
Secondary school (high school) credential2830
One-year post-secondary program credential8490
Two-year post-secondary program credential9198
Post-secondary program credential of three years or longer112120
Two or more post-secondary program credentials AND at least one of these credentials was issued on completion of a post-secondary program of three years or longer119128
University-level credential at the Master’s level OR an entry-to-practice professional degree. CIC only accepts as an entry-to-practice professional degree, those degrees issued in relation to an occupation listed at NOC Skill level A and for which licensing by a provincial regulatory body is required.126135
University-level credential at the Doctoral level140150

Language Proficiency

1st Official language

Canadian Language BenchmarkWith spouseSingle Applicant
Less than CLB 400
CLB 4 or 566
CLB 689
CLB 71617
CLB 82223
CLB 92931
CLB 10 or more3234

2nd official Language

Canadian Language BenchmarkWith spouseSingle applicant
CLB 4 or less00
CLB 5 or 611
CLB 7 or 833
CLB 9 or more66