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Does the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program Require a Job Offer?

Indians are acutely interested to immigrate to Canada. PNP programs allow them with this comfort. But there are some questions that arise in the mind of the individual before making up their minds, about whether to immigrate here without a job offer or not.

Whether a job offer is needed for the purpose of getting approved for a PNP, depends on the particular province. Some provinces like the Quebec skilled worker program do not want the candidate to have a prior employment opportunity in this province. However different provinces have different expectations from candidates.

Talking about the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, there are many streams under which the candidate needs a job offer to qualify:

If you are filing your immigration papers under the Saskatchewan:Skilled Worker with Existing Work Permit, a job offer in this province is highly required. You would also need to show a work experience in this province of 6 months prior to your application. This is a major way of immigrating to this province.

So, to show that you will be employed in this province upon immigration you should have a credible offer letter from a specific employer. This job should be as per the occupational codes included in A,0 and B. The candidate must have the required working experience of 12 months, in a profession which is there in the occupation-in-demand list existing for this province. It implies that the experience of a candidate in this occupation should not be lower than 1 year. As an evidence that you were employed for this much period of time, you should have letters from your last employers. This work experience should have been gained in a period not preceding the last 10 years.

Manitoba provincial nominee program has specific requirements under which it’s not mandatory for the candidates to get the job offer. It’s important to understand that as per the category of Skilled Worker Overseas you have to prove that you have either worked this province or have attained some of your education here. As a result, when you receive your approval from this province, you can easily get PR. There is no need for to have a job proposal in your hand.

As per the Alberta-Skilled Worker category, only those candidates need to apply who already have a proposal for employment with themin this province. The international graduate category also requires the candidate to fulfill the same requirements. He should have the pursued education from this province apart from also having a valid employment proposal. The candidate should have received the employment offer under the different kind of occupation categories of NOC 0, A, C and B. He should be working in a certain occupation which is the same in which he has received the employment letter.

However, for those candidates who have got the job offer as per the NOC C occupation, a mandatory language test is needed. To immigrate to this province of Canada, you also need to show, that you have are getting an apt salary as per the employment standards of Alberta and no labor disputes are there.