Express Entry Canada for Federal Skilled Worker- Immigration to Canada

Canada Express Entry programme has escorted immigration system of the country into a new and current era. The new express entry system is completely different in various ways and brought a huge transformation in the manner canadian authorities or government can easily or conveniently choose the experience and skilled immigrants for the immigration to Canada. The CIC canadian immigration consultancy does not properly forward the applications of aspirants anymore, but it selects the suitable candidates from the pool of aspirants, it would like to provide entry in the country for the betterment. For immigration to Canada, candidates are selected from last selected list of qualified aspirants. Features of Canada express Entry Programme-

Here is the list of Canada Express Entry programme features are as follows-

  • The aspirants who are qualified or  selected under the canada express entry system are allowed for permanent residence standing or status. Basically, candidates are not required to compete against the ceilings of occupation, the Canada express entry programme sans on the basis of first come first serve evaluation and the decided deadlines. The new programme or system of Canada includes several scheme namely, FSW (Federal Skilled Worker scheme), (FSTP) federal skilled trade programme and CEC- Canadian Experience Class.
  • It is also necessary for the candidate to fulfill language requirements by having at least 5 points on the Canadian Language Benchmark in every four classes including- listening, speaking, writing and reading.

There are only five steps for Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream Process-

Step 1- Present an EOI (expression of interest) to the Nova Scotia Province

The candidate or entrant will state his keen interest in running venture/firm and migrate in the province by successfully completing an expression of interest (EOI) in the form of an online survey. It is necessary that he provides the particulars/ details related to business proprietorship, education, language, worth, age, investment, adaptability or administration experience. Those who fulfill the entire terms and conditions, would be in the position to take forward an expression of interest  (EOI).

Step 2- Invitation to Apply

The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration NSOI will inform the high scoring applicants and send invitations to them. So the candidates put forward an official appeal or application to the NSNP (Nova Scotia Nominee Programme), by an ITA letter.

Step 3- Temporary Work Permit and Business Establishment in Nova Scotia

All the successful candidates can endorse a business performance deal with Nova Scotia immigration office designating their plan to establish a venture/firm into the territory/ province. After entering into the deal of business performance, Nova Scotia Office of Immigration  will give an offer letter to the entrepreneur for the Nova Scotia Nominee Programme for which the applicant would take of account in their appeal to the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for the work permit validate for around 24 months.

Step 4- Request for Nomination

After fulfilling all the required terms and conditions of business personable agreement, it is mandatory for the candidate that he regulates the venture should not wind up for less than 12 months. And when he presents the progress report of business to Nova Scotia office of migration, it is practicable for a candidate to apply to obtain nomination for PR (permanent residence).

Step 5- Apply for PR (permanent residence)

After the nomination, the candidates are required to lodge an application to the IRCC for permanent residence (PR) standing.