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Express Entry New Draw Prediction/Changes 2018

There have been some great relaxations and changes with the Express Entry System by the Canadian Immigration in order to give improved score in CRS for the potential candidates. This refurbished Selection process for the candidates from Express Entry Pool has started to make the nomination more flexible and transparent.

Starting from now Express Entry System will rank candidates in candidate pool under tied up scores with the help of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). And the candidates whose sibling is also living in Canada as permanent resident or citizen can get extra points; this is from one of the major changes made by Canadian Immigration. Even the candidates who have verified language ability in French will also be given extra points.

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Prediction and changes in Express Entry Next Draw 2018 

Express Entry New Draw Prediction/Changes 2018 is something IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has kept shocking the candidates and predictors continuously for last few months with fall in Comprehensive Ranking System records with some new changes. They also have added 2 factors with some boost in points which says that score is going to be low and also have chances to drop even more from 441 point which is a current scenario.

2018 latest Express Entry Draw 

This point is for informing you about 2018’s new Express Entry Draw as announced by CIC (Citizenship Immigration Canada) on April 25th 2018 have nominated 3500 candidates with cut-off 441 Comprehensive Ranking System. Express Entry Pool candidates with score 441 or more than that are in position for applying Permanent Resident of Canada.

So, if in case your points are less, you have to wait till next Express Entry Draw or can apply from Canada Provisional Nominee Program (PNP) Visa. PNP is the fastest way for obtaining Permanent Resident Visa in Canada.

Do I qualify for Canada PR Visa

How can one improve their score? 

Your score is the only thing that can help you in receiving Invitation to Apply (ITA) for applying to Canadian Provisional Resident status. This is why you can put some effort for improving your CRS points so that your chances of nomination can increase.

Things you can do for it:

  • Increase your CRS points to 150 points. This you can do by improving first language score in Primary Applicant
  • Look for your spouse if he/she can make more points than you
  • Try to improve your spouse’s points in first language, this can get you 20 points more
  • Can apply for PNP (Provisional Nominee Program) by scoring 600 points in CRS
  • Earn extra points by learning any second language from French

Requirements of Canada Express Entry 2018 

  • Age of the candidate must be above from 18 years
  • Your qualification in education must need meet Canadian Education System
  • Proficiency in French and English
  • Experience in Canada’s job which is in demand for at least one year
  • Offer letter for a job

This is all for the Express Entry New Draw Prediction/Changes 2018. For more information you can check online.

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