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Nile Migration

Federal Business Immigration Program

From providing overseas immigrants multiple opportunities and day by day proving itself to be the most developed country, Canada has renowned image to be known as the ideal country providing trade, education and study to the aspirers. The key aspects attracting millions of immigrants to travel to Canada are transparent government policies, strong economy, interactive communities and many more.

The support to immigrants with experience in Business, trade and management

Canada is the most prominent way for any individual who is looking for some business in foreign country. The people who have the capabilities of contributing to the economic and industrial development of Canada are promoted by Canada with their experience in Business, trade and Management. The following three categories are of federal business immigration program-

  1. Entrepreneur Program is specially designed program for the individuals having the business experience whosoever is willing to establish a business in Canada and is likely to create new jobs in industry. It is necessary to show two years of experience in business management in last five years. A net worth of CAD$300,000 will hence be required to get declared. The approved applicant will have to commit about owning and managing one third of the business for round about one year within three years since the time of arrival but of a definite size.
  2. Self Employed Program is the program which can significantly contribute to the culture of Canada and athletics life of Canada or the individuals who interested in buying and running any of the farms in Canada. It is necessary for the aspiring immigrant to participate in high level cultural activities or athletics or is henceforth required to show the experience in farm management and a relevant experience through participation will be required to qualify this program.
  3. Investor Program is the program for individuals with having the experience in business, who have the investing of at least CAD$400,000 in the economy of Canada and hence will be guaranteed by the government of Canada and hence be returned without the interest five years later. This type of investment hence will be used to boost the Canadian economy and will be responsible in creating the jobs. One would at least have the net worth of CAD$800,000 with the necessity of showing at least two years of experience in business management with the motive to qualify this program. After this, one would be ready to make the investment of CAD$400,000. Investor program is the fast track immigration program to be opted by any of the business immigrant.


There is well the defined eligibility criterion for applying for Canadian immigration. The basis of the eligibility are the factors like age, Qualification, Language Efficiency, Experience and the adaptability to the conditions.