Health And Social Policy Government Managers

A person who is qualified in the health care sector and is keen on working in Canada can apply for the government managers- health and social policy development and program administration, which is an administrational job. In which the government managers have to plan, organize and look after the health care and social policies in order to protect the welfare of the people and the communities of Canada. They are appointed by government agencies and departments.

The government managers-health and social policy development and program administration can also be called the health program operations manager-government services, health strategies manager- government services, home care or local health services director.

Duties of the government managers

The main duties of the government managers are:

  • They need to participate in the formation of the social and health policies which is done by the senior government mangers.
  • Should organise proper procedures to meet the objectives set by the senior government managers.
  • They need to advise the officers in relation to the health and social policies, they also have to prepare documents and programs for the individuals in relation to the health and social services and its related areas like employment, housing and immigration.
  • To plan and look after the whole budget related to administration research and supplies needed for the health and social welfare.
  • To instruct various committees regarding their working and also guide them in managing and planning the working of the health and social programs.
  • They also have to interview and hire new staff, also provide them training and guidance.

How can one get a job in the profession?

In order to get a job in this profession or to apply for the post of government manger one needs to have good leadership skills and also team skills to work in a group with other people.

Requirements for employment

The requirements for both the health policy development program and social policy development program are slightly different:

Health policy development program administration

  • For this a person is required to have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in public administration, hospital administration or in health science.
  • A graduate degree in health and social science might also be required.
  • Experience of a several years as a program officer or a social policy or health policy researcher.
  • Also one might have to submit a certificate in the required health field.

Social policy development and program administration

  • A person needs to have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in either sociology, economic or in some discipline related to the administrative field.
  • A person has to be a graduate in social science or administration.
  • Experience is important to apply for this profession; so one needs to have experience of some years as a consultant or a program officer.

The job of the government managers is not easy so one really needs to be really sure of their skills and leadership qualities before applying for it.