How and where can I find a Good working Holiday job/internship in Canada?

There are quite a lot of people who are interested in working in Canada, even if it is for a short period of time mainly because of the warm work culture there and also because of the experience that one would get while working in Canada would build up one’s resume. A lot of graduate students aspire of interning in Canada and gaining experience as there are a lot of job opportunities for both fresher’s and professionals.

Practically it is not possible for everyone who wishes to work abroad in Canada to leave their country and family to work in there which is why Canadian government has come up with the working holiday visa. This IEC working holiday visa in Canada is a temporary program that gives employment to youngsters and they are allowed to legally work and live in Canada for a period of 12 to 24 months. For this program the candidates have to create a profile on the website of immigration, refuges, and citizenship Canada in order to show your interest towards staying and working in Canada on a temporary basis.

This kind of visa allows one to work as well as travel around Canada till the visa is valid and also gives some other benefits like:

  • A working holiday visa holder is allowed to stay in Canada for 1 or 2 years depending upon the country one belongs to.
  • Allowed to legally work in Canada.
  • It gives one a chance to discover Canada’s culture and lifestyle.
  • Canada work experience is an added feather to a person’s resume in case one plans to apply for permanent residency in the future.

Temporary jobs in Canada

Once you get the working holiday visa in Canada then Canada has a lot of seasonal jobs especially for the working holiday visa holders like:

  • Ski resorts- Canada has a lot of ski resorts that offer temporary jobs to youngsters; these ski resorts offers free accommodation and also free ski passes to get the skiing experience in the Canadian snow.
  • Resort jobs- There are quite a number of summer and winter resorts in Canada that offer jobs to those who are looking for a temporary job. It mainly depends upon the season that you are looking to work in.
  • Harvest or agriculture jobs- If you are looking for a job for a year or two then harvesting is a great option; you can learn about the harvesting process while working in this sector.
  • Hotels- Canada has a lot of hotels that offer temporary jobs to people especially during the holiday season but for working in a hotel one has to be fluent in English and French both.

If you have proper education, experience, and certificates then you can work in the following fields also:

  • Education
  • Commerce
  • Communications
  • Law
  • Health
  • Science

So working holiday visa Canada is a great an opportunity for the temporary workers to migrate to Canada to work and travel; it definitely is like a paid holiday.