How can I Apply for Nova Scotia PNP Through Already Present Express Entry Profile in CIC?

There are many ways in which you can get to Nova Scotia. If you have already created an Express Entry profile, it’s possible to know that you still have chances of getting immigration to Nova Scotia.

This is possible because the government of Nova Scotia also takes the applications of those who have applied for Express Entry. The two profiles under which express entry profiles are also suitable for this province are:

Nova Scotia Demand: This profile only allows your immigration once you have gotten a job with an employer belonging to this province. However, the employer needs to send you a job offer which only gets validated after an LMIA. There are also resources which should exist in the bank account of an employee at the time he has been selected.

The candidate should also have complied with the condition of scoring 67 points applicable to the federal skilled worker of express entry. The process of applying for this visa starts with ensuring that you have made the profile for express entry on the website link: Employer form has to be submitted which will prove that the candidate surely has a job in Nova Scotia.  This form includes comprehensive information about the employer including the kind of business he does, his business contact number and the address where the employee will be deployed. There are also other details needed by the authorities which are the corporate registry number of the business which is going to take a foreign worker on its payrolls.

The employer also needs to show a registration certificate which is needed for the recruiting the worker from India. This certificate is important to get the LMIA done for the employee otherwise it cant be done. It’s also important to know about the details which have to be put forth about the position. The details of the position, including how many wages are going to be paid and the payment for the overtime. The employee is also subject to a lot of benefits which will be a part of his employment tenure.

All the documents which also comprise the employer form will be uploaded at the time of filing the right application.

The candidate should have had working experience in the Nova Scotia province.

The candidate should be at least have a secondary school certificate. He should have CLB5 so that he’s accepted into professions which are as per the occupational list of NOC B.

Again, he should have made it sure that his express entry score is 67.

So, once his profile is one of the few chosen by the Nova Scotia immigration, authorities, the next few steps are as follows:

The candidate will be selected and get his, 600 points once he accepts the offer to immigrate to Nova Scotia.

So, his life gets pretty simplified if he wants to apply to Nova Scotia through the express entry pool. At the starting of formulating his EE application, he should have chosen “all provinces and territories” to be able to apply to Nova Scotia later.