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How can I get my parents to Canada since I am a PR holder?

Nobody wants to leave their parents behind after moving to Canada. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you are able to sponsor them on a Parent and Grandparent Visa to this country.

The procedure for this visa is very simple to follow.  The online form for this program is available on the website. Now, what are your obligations as a sponsor of this program? The candidate who is sponsoring his parents is primarily responsible to take care of the financial expenditures of his parents which can happen whilst they are in Canada.

How can I get my parents to Canada since I am a PR holder?

Conditions for the PGP visa

To get the PR for the parents living in India, they are supposed to provide a Letter Of Support from the, offspring indicating that they will take care of their parents. The parents have to provide the Canadian government with a letter which proves that they are going to receive financial assistance from their progeny who is a PR holder of this country.

Apart from that, the candidate needs to compulsorily submit the 1344E form. This form is necessary so that the sponsor can prove his sponsorship for his parents. Then he needs to provide another form which is the 5768 Form which provides information to evaluate his own financial condition for immigration of parents. In the form, the candidate adds his social insurance number which  can be used to reveal so much about him. The candidate also needs to show sufficient income status so that his parents are allowed the PR.

Talking about it, the candidate also needs to show a certain amount of  income in his bank account. This income increases with the number of dependents a PR holder wants to sponsor for coming into the country.

Since the government has already cancelled the application for this visa for this year, its better to apply for the, super visa to get your parents to Canada.

Super visa-Another option to get a long duration stay for your parents in Canada

This visa allows your parents to be in Canada for a brief period which is two years. They also get the privilege to move from Canada to the place to which they belong without getting any other visa. The parents should be able to provide some evidence to get the eligibility for this visa. This would include, showing evidence about the relationship which connects them to the sponsor i.e. their progeny. Apart from that, the sponsor should be able to provide evidence about his own financial sufficiency to fund the stay of his parents in Canada. This sufficiency is through LICO, which is an abbreviation for low-income cutoff. The minimum limit of income which is required for someone(in case you are not married) to get both of his parents to Canada is $$31,061(annual income every year).

The parents will be required to get a renewal of this super visa Canada as soon as they have stayed on it in Canada for a  period 2 years.  Otherwise, the super visa is a multiple entry visa for 10 years but you can’t stay on it for more than 2 years at a single time.