How Can I migrate to Canada from Qatar?

The Canada PR visa is actually quite beneficial for the residents of Qatar because this country is one of the best in the world. Moving to Canada is quite motivating for the citizens from any part of the world. The country is a haven for immigrants because so many of them are settled here.

It’s easy to get the immigration to Canada from Qatar provided you immigrate under the federal skilled worker program.

This kind of immigration requires the candidate to have enough work experience in a high-level job and at least gave a graduation degree. The Federal Skilled Worker program is an easy way for the candidates to get immigration into this land. You can get the right number of 67 points provided if you have 12 months or more than that experience in an occupation in Qatar. There is the requirement of Educational Credential Assessment also needed for those citizens of Qatar who have pursued education from this country only and not from Canada.

When emigrating from Qatar to Canada on a Canada PR visa, a candidate also needs to have, his knowledge levels of English checked through the exam of IELTS. For this, it’s important for him to give this exam and score an average of 7.0.

The center for IELTS is present at various locations in Qatar such as in Doha. The fees for this exam is quite moderate at QAR 950, which will be updated on 1st April.

The candidate can appear for IELTS thrice in a month in Qatar if they are not able to score the required score, first time.

Being a Muslim, there is no need to fear when getting a Canada PR visa. Canada has excellent living conditions and 3.2% of its population consists of Muslims. Islam is an accepted religion here with a lot of followers of this religion living here. The population of the provinces like Quebec and Ontario largely consist of Muslims. The maximum number of Muslims out of these two provinces live in Ontario, where in Greater Toronto 7.7% of the population consists of them only. There are Muslims from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Iran residing here. Even in Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada,

Muslims from diverse backgrounds reside. Here, 5.5% of the population constitutes people of Muslim descent.  In fact, it’s cheaper to live in Qatar than in Canada due to which its quite beneficial to get a Canada PR visa. The cost of residence such as rent is lower in Canada than in Qatar by 25.10%. The cost of an apartment in Qatar is higher than that in Canada. In Qatar, the cost to live in the city is 5,651 CAD per meter square if you are considering buying an apartment whereas the same is 4,936.28 CAD in Canada.

Other than a Canada PR visa, if a candidate desires an electronic travel authorization to travel to Canada for some days, he needs to make his application through the Visa application center(VFS Global) located in Doha.

It’s also important to understand that you need to provide your passport for stamping of the ETA visa to VFS global which will send them to IRCC in Canada. You can then collect your passport from the office of VFS global stamped with an ETA. There can also be a rejection letter accompanying your passport about why your ETA was denied to you. You can get wide-ranging help for getting a Canada PR visa from immigration experts like Nile Migration.