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How Do I Apply for Canada Open Work Permit?

candidate.  This visa does not place any conditions on the candidate to work with a single employer only whose details were provided at the time of getting the permit but he can work for anybody. As per rules,

Canadian open work permits are only provided to those whose jobs don’t mandate their employers to do an LMIA. The list of such jobs is specified below:

  • The candidates who don’t have any financial support in Canada and need to do a job to support themselves.
  • The candidates who are going to work in Canada on philanthropical grounds.
  • Employees who have been sent to Canada as a part of specific worker exchange schemes.
  • The spouses of those who have been approved under the federal skilled worker program
  • The residents of countries, other than Canada, who have already made PR applications under the distinct categories of federal skilled worker, federal skilled trades, Canadian experience class and the PNPs. These residents should have been working in Canada on a work permit at the time of application for their Canada immigration PR visa.
  • Spouses of international students.
  • International candidates who need to be in Canada for professional purposes but need jobs for financial support.

An open work permit Canada does not mean that you have to be in Canada, to make application for this work permit, but can be done anywhere else also. There are also two variants of this work permit, 1st one which is occupation specific but not employer specific and the second type called unconditional work permits, which is neither employer specific nor occupation specific. The employees who want to be eligible for the unconditional work permits should have no one to take care of them, i.e. they have no ways of financial assistance. These kinds of candidates should have declared themselves to be refugees in Canada, which implies that they have made applications as per the Refugee Protection Division and are looking forward to a decision on the same.

The ways to apply for this open work permit Canada are as follows:

First of all, the candidate should have a partner who is living in this country as a Canada permanent visa holder.

  • Then their partner submits an application for the PR of his spouse, as per the SCLPC( spouse or common-law partner in Canada )category.
  • The spouse looking for the open work permit should be working or living in a Canada as a worker or a student.
  • He should have been cohabiting with the sponsor.

A medical exam is also mandatory for the candidate, however for the unconditional work permit, clearing the medical exam is not necessary. So, these kinds of work permit applicants who are unfortunately not able to clear the medical exams cant be a part of health, teaching and child care related jobs. So, it’squiteuncomplicated to get this visa.