How do I Get a Canadian Permanent Residence I Want to live and Work in Canada Permanently?

Canada has a very good position when it comes to someone’s wish list of choicest destinations for immigration. Now many immigrants who know the benefits of moving to a country with a good atmosphere to live know why they should be in Canada. Canada consists of people who were immigrants once which makes them acceptable towards other immigrants also. Canada has great and simple conditions which allow immigration.

There are rewarding job opportunities in this country and a lot of natural resources. Even the investment options here are quite lucrative. There are simple visa categories which are applicable to this country including the federal skilled worker requiring a candidate with experience and Canadian experience class which should have a candidate with some Canadian experience. The government is also providing help to immigrants so that they don’t face any issues in the settlement. Newly immigrants to Canada also do not have any problem in settling down here because they have the relations already living here and can easily adjust and adapt. There’s no need to feel isolated here because there is a huge Indian population which has celebrates festivals.

Canada has an extremely advanced system for social help. Under that, doles are given to those who are unemployed and they are also retrained to make them land in a better job. The university education here is offered at discounted rates and with the implementation of government-sponsored medical aid, the citizens/PR holders are really in a paradise. The quality of education is also nothing less than as compared to the US. Since Canada is advanced, people are easily able to find jobs and rewarded with excellent wages. The permanent residents also get benefits because they have a constant income in this country. There are also retirement advantages which are offered to those who are old and cant do a job anymore.

There are also loans which can sponsor your education depending on how intelligent you are.

There are jobs in various dimensions which make sure that the candidate can land himself in good paying jobs in sectors such as IT, Aerospace, real estate and tourism.  The jobs are done in Canada and the experience gained is recognized worldwide. So, you won’t have any problems finding jobs elsewhere once you are able to show experience in Canada which is the second most developed country after the USA. Canada is also the right opportunity for businessmen who are willing to put in their resources in something profitable. This situation exists because Canada has established trade agreements with major organizations around the world including NAFTA and G7. This is the reason why Canada is booming. It’s also possible to actually become a part of the US LABOR force once you have PR in Canada. So, once you are looking for prosperity in your life, Canada is the place to be.

Canada also does not make any partiality in terms of making people immigrate on the basis of age, sex, and race.