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How important is it to have a job to receive PR?

It’s not essential that you have a job before immigrating to canada. However, a job will be required once you are in this country because you need finances to sustain yourself in this country.

The candidates can however easily get immigration if they are able to receive a job before receiving the PR. They can get 50 extra points for having a job offer, which simplifies their immigration. But these points are only valid if the employer of a candidate has got his LMIA done for him. This is the reason how the government awards points to those, who have a job offer.

Candidates with jobs are preferred

The government prefers someone with the, job because in that case, when a candidate is entering canada, he already has a job. The government also is happy to get the benefit of having an employed candidate who is able to add something to the economy in terms of income through the taxes paid by him.

How important is it to have a job to receive PR?

Simpler to get a job now

As compared in earlier times, candidates can now have a job in the breeze. The candidates will have to create an account with the job bank, due to which its easier to get in touch with the canadian employers.

The job is not a mandatory condition because, with the Federal Skilled Worker program, you can easily get here. There is no problem in coming to this country when you have experience in the important categories of A, B or 0. With experience in these occupational profiles getting the approval for PR in this country is not at all tough.

PR is important to get a job, not vice versa

Getting to be a part of this country is easier once you have the PR. Its because once you have the permission to work in this country, through the PR, employers are willing to hire you. Without the PR, employers are not even willing to consider you because you don’t have the permission to work in this country.

So, it’s the other way round. Rather than a job guaranteeing you a PR, a PR is a sure-shot way to get a job. In case, you have experience in an occupation which is in demand here, it’s much easier to get a job after getting the PR.

The only way you can immigrate to canada without a job offer is when you already have some experience in this country. With that experience, you get enough points to immigrate here. You can get the maximum points once your experience is more than 5 years in canada.

The candidate can only get to canada without a job once he has the help of a consultant. Consultants know the requirement for a PR without a job. We as consultants provide you with an assessment of your immigration and let you know of your chances of getting PR without a job.