How Many Points Required for Canada PR 2018-19?

Since the Canadian government has started awarding points for so many factors now, the competition has increased for the Canada PR visa. The candidates need to be suitably prepared, to get their PR application approved. For this, they should have sufficient qualifications in terms of young age, higher education and work experience of few years. The Canadian government rewards all such attributes. That’s why its better to apply for the Canada PR visa when you are young.

As per the federal skilled worker program, the candidates who are as young as between 18-35 years, are rewarded with 12 points which us the highest in the group. On the other hand, the candidates who have already turned, 47 don’t gain any point which makes their profile weaker as compared to others.

There are also better chances of getting a job when you are younger after which you become more qualified to be in Canada. The Canadian employers prefer someone young which is true with employers all over the world. So, its better to apply now than later when you have crossed the age of 35. The LMIA requirement which was mandatory earlier has also been changed to make it easier for candidates to get job offers prior to their migration to Canada. While creating the express entry profile, if a candidate has availed a job offer, he needs to include it to get points,which are only awarded when the employer has got an LMIA done for him.

The profiles for the “00”  category of jobs are as follows:


0012-senior government officials and managers

0013-senior managers of domains like finance, business services, and communications.

Also, some jobs are likely to get 200 points. These jobs should pertain to NOC code ‘00’. For the other kinds of jobs which pertain to NOC code, 0, B and A will only get one 50 points. The only condition is that the jobs offered to them in these categories should make them work for 30 hours in a week and should be in existence for 1 year since the time the PR gets provided to them.

So, all the conditions are favorable now, and the required CRS score has also gone down because the condition of 600 points being awarded for a job offer has been removed. Its now only 200 points for a managerial level job. So, many candidates without a job offer in this country are getting shortlisted for an ITA.

Other conditions due to which the cut off score for CRS has gone down is because the government is looking forward to increase the employment here by bringing in immigrants.

The government is also now encouraging family support in Canada by allowing immigration of those whose relatives are here. 15 points can be given for such relatives who are fortunate enough to have the PR of Canada. The highest points of 600 are however only in your domain once you have provincial nominee program sending out an invitation to you.