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How To Apply For Immigration To Canada?

How to Apply For Immigration to Canada

Moving to a maple leaf nation which offers beneficial schemes and security to its citizens with an additional bonus of snow-capped mountains, beautiful sweet grass meadows and ebbing river streams sounds musing doesn’t it? Canada is a country which provides such opportunities to its citizens. Now, you are probably just wondering how to apply for Canada Immigration Visa. It is a very simple procedure. A program known as Express Entry has been launched by the Government of Canada for immigrants looking to migrate to Canada, be it for permanent residency or starting a business or studying or temporary residency.

Registering on the portal

Firstly, you need to check if you meet the eligibility criteria of visa Canada immigration. To apply for permanent residency, you need to be eighteen years old or above. National language of Canada is English and French, so you need to fluent in any one of the languages to be eligible for citizenship. To register on the online portal for seeking the immigration passes, you have to fill a questionnaire. Questionnaire will consist of questions like Why do you wish to apply for immigration? How long you wish to stay and where are you currently residing? After that, you will be registered for the website. A reference code will be generated to uniquely identify your profile.

Scoring in the program

In the next step, the applicants are scored using CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). If you have a score of 67 points or higher, then you might qualify for the immigration process under the category of federal skilled worker. You get points on the basis of language skills, education, experience, age, arranged employment in Canada, and adaptability. If you have a relative in the Canada as permanent resident, you get five extra points for it. You get ten points if you have been working for at least one year of full time in Canada with a valid work permit.

National Occupation Classification

NOC (National Occupation Classification) is a system which is basically used to classify professions in the Canadian Economy. It illustrates skills, talents, responsibilities and working ambience for various jobs. To evaluate skilled worker applications NOC system is being used by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) since 2016 only. More the number of years of experience, more points will be added to your profile. There are five levels in NOC System: Skill Type zero, A, B, C, D. Restaurant Managers, mine managers and shore captains fall under the category of Skill Type zero. Doctors, Dentists, architects and basically a professional job that asks for a degree from university lie under Type A. Chefs, plumbers, technical jobs or skilled traders fall under the category of Type B. Butchers, drivers, jobs that require high school qualification lie under Type C. fruit vendors, cleaning staff and others lie under Type D.

These are basic requirements for applying for visa Canada immigration. With an NOC qualification and optimum score in CRS will help you seek Canada Immigration Visa.