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How to Apply for Parent and Grandparent Visa for Canada

All of us strive for the company of our family and close ones when we are staying away from them, and especially the craving is more while you are living in some other country. We all want to be with our parents more than ever during any occasion or festivals. But calling them to stay with us so far away is many a time not as easy as it sounds.

In order to attain a visa of any country, there are some procedures that need to be complied with before filing the application for the same. In case you are staying and working in Canada and want to apply for your parent and grandparent visa, you should know what all documentation and proceeding will be required to be filled and verified.

Procedure to apply for Parent and Grandparent Visa for Canada:

As in the case of all other bureaucrat works, applying for a visa program is no different; proper documets needs to be submitted and verified by the concerned authority, a lot of time and effort needs to be put on such work and a series of legal procedures needs to be complied with.

The basic eligibility criteria that every applicant must fulfil are mentioned as follows:

  • Only a Canadian citizen can apply- If you are a citizen of Canada or resides there permanently, only then you can apply for the visa program on behalf of your parent and grandparent.
  • Proper documentation- Before applying for such visa program, make sure that your parent and grandparent have all the required documents in their possesion. All the documents need to be verified by government authorities before submittion.
  • Adequate amount of funds and assets needs to be maintained- The applicant, at the time of enrolling for the visa program, should have adequate amount of assets and funds to support himself as well as his family. All the documents in regards to these details will be checked by the immigration officer.
  • Medical fitness- The parent and grandparent of the applicant, in order to acquire a super visa for Canada, will have to go through a series of medical examinations so that it can be assured that they have a good medical condition. Also, a proper medical insurance should be procured during the stay.
  • Good moral certificate- If you are applying for your parent and grandparent visa, then you need to assure that they have a good moral character certificate which will ensure that they are not indulged in any kind of illegal activities or have a questionable background.

Now the application for visa program can be filled online through the official website of the concerned authority. You will have to fill up the form and upload scanned photocopy of all the relevant documents. After the application is duly filled and all documents submitted following verification, you will need to make payment for the same which can be done through a credit or debit card. Subsequent to completion of the processing time and interview, you will be contacted regarding your visa.