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How to Apply Visitor Visa for Canada!

About How to Apply Visitor Visa for Canada!

Canada is called the maple leaf kingdom due to its beautiful environment. When going to Canada, on a short-term visit purpose(short-term Canada immigration), you can do plenty of things whilst you are there:

  • Give interviews in companies like the Royal Bank of Canada.
  • Enjoy yourself on excursion trips to places like the legendary Niagara Falls, and even visit Whistler.
  • You can also visit Canada to meet your son or daughter residing there.

Now that you are looking forward to visiting Canada here, we are going to help you to set things in accord as this will help you to manage each and every aspect. Therefore to provide you with assistance, here we are going to give you brief information about the visa application process.

Two types of VISA issued by the immigration department of Canada and in the first place, it is essential to know who all are categorized as visitors. The definition of visitors indicates people who want to go to Canada for 1-2 years without getting the PR of this country. Following is the list of steps which should be undertaken to be qualified for this visa:

  • The application form for this temporary resident visa can be downloaded from the website. Along with this form, the candidates need to submit another important form which is the VFS CONSENT FORM. This form indicates VFS has consented to the authentication of the documents submitted by the candidate. The VFS is also liable to submit these documents to the concerned embassy of Canada along with the VFS consent form and application form for visa approval.
  • The fee for Canada visa for Indians is INR 4,000 for single entry visa and 8,000 for a multiple entry visa.
  •  Flight and accommodationbooking: It is important to pre-book so that you can show that you have enough money to support yourself and family on the trip.
  • Cover letter and support document: You need to submit your cover letter summarizing your application and your intent or the purpose of the visits. One can also enclose the visa copies of other nations in order to make the application more credible. A letter of invitation is also required when you are visiting Canada to be with family.
  • Waiver letter: This is an important requirement for those who are unable to submit all the documents. This is a simple form which declares all the documents missing in your visa application.

After arranging for all the necessary documents including the letter of invitatiion, you just need to pay a visit to the Canada visa application center which is located nearby your location of residence. Make sure that you submit all these documents along with your passport and then get a receipt for the same. Your next step is to wait for thepassport stamped with the visa to arrive from Canada. You can also monitor the status of your visa application because this receipt contains a tracking number.

You should make plans for your visit to Canada until the time the visa arrives. The Canada visitor visa provides an opportunity to almost 35 million people to be in Canada for various reasons.