How To Immigrate to Canada from UAE

A Guide On How To Immigrate to Canada from UAE

Canada or the land of maples is a beautiful and magnificent country. Visitors and immigrants go there with different ambitions, future aspects and goals. There are a lot of tourists, businessmen, workers, student visiting Canada daily. The favourable landscape beauty, social security benefits, stable residency status,  quality of life, liberal policies , diverse culture, Government policies, ideal studying, visionary leadership and , working and business facilities makes it more suitable for different type of people to visit there with some aspirations or objectives. Canada has a strong economy and is an advanced nation. It is very immigrant friendly and people from UAE can travel to Canada hassle-free.

Pathways to immigrate to Canada from UAE 

Entry Express System is the most popular way to Immigration to canada from UAE. It is point based immigration system which is operated by IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada). It is pretty fast and mainly offers permanent residency to the skilled migrants. The three streams present in it are:
The Federal Skilled Worker Program which is for skilled workers overseas. It is the most popular stream.
The Federal Skilled Trades program for people in skilled trade and technical occupations.
The Canadian experience class for people already in Canada on study permit or temporary work Visa.

Steps to Apply for PR from UAE in Canada via Express Entry- FSW stream 

  • You need to have the necessary documents mainly, English Proficiency Test result (i.e. IETLS) and ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report from a well-recognized institution.
  • You have to identify your skill level i.e.  Skill type 0, Skill Level a, Skill Level B, etc. on the basis of NOC (National Occupational Classification).
  • A profile should be created on Express Entry and details such as age, language, education should be submitted with EOI.
  • A minimum of 67 points have to be scored on the basis of profile factors.
  • Your profile will be reviewed by IRCC and provide rank on the basis of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System).
  • If your profile gets selected by IRCC, you will receive ITA (Invitation to apply) for permanent residence visa in Canada.
  • You will have to apply for the Visa within 60 days after receiving ITA.

What are Key Requirements to immigrate to Canada? 

  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) Report
  • Online application and the minimum points has to be scored for qualification based on your education, age, experience, language proficiency etc.
  • Appropriate score of English Language Proficiency Test
  • Health and Character Certifications
  • Basic criteria of the immigration program has to be met which you have applied for

The other two programs include:
QSWP Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP): Quebec is bilingual province of Canada that speaks French and English. It has own selection criteria for giving permanent residency to the immigrants. Skilled workers, investors and businessmen have a chance to receive CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate).
Provincial Nominee Programs: Various territories and provinces have Immigration to Canada from UAE schemes like BCPNP, SINP, AINP, etc. The immigrants get selected on the basis of industry requirements and labour market needs.

We have discussed the possibilities to immigrate to Canada. You can apply soon!