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If a Canadian Tourist Visa is Refused, Then Can a Visa be Stamped Again or Not?

Visiting Canada with its cities like Toronto is on the bucket list of so many people. So, everyone wants to take a sojourn there for a transitory duration. Now, what’s the reason why is it not so simple to be there?

There is a Canada tourist visa which is applicable for taking a break in this country.

The Canada tourist visa can be easily taken provided you are able to show some simple proofs:

The candidate should have funds which can be proved in his bank account.

The candidate should be able to provide the authorities with a letter of invitation from someone close located in Canada.

You should be able to canvass the authorities that the country will be left once your stay is over. And you are not one of those candidates who will stay here and start working. Now, despite the candidate providing the above-mentioned evidence, his visa can get rejected for reasons like giving some wrong information. You also need to prove to the authorities that you are an Indian citizen via an aadhar card or pan card. The application form this visa needs every kind of information from the candidate including how many people are a part of his household. This information is mandatory even if he is coming to Canada without getting anyone of them along. This visitor visa is also applicable to children and they can also travel to Canada using it. However, they must have the signature of the parent on the form for proving their consent.

You can only apply for this visa offshore. So, don’t expect to come without this visa to Canada.

There are two forms of this visa both of which are beneficial:

Single entry visa: The candidate can access the country of Canada only once on this visa, as you must have comprehended by the name. Now, a candidate can get this visa half a year prior to his intended travel day.

Multiple entry visas: In the second version of this visa, the candidate can transfer to Canada and move out recurrently for a time span as long as 10 years. After he needs to get a renewal of this visa to go to this country.

The time length for which you can make Canada your abode on this visa will be decided by the designated border services officer who checked your visa at the port of entry. So, generally such length is for half a year, but sometimes, it can be less, whatever time is decided, your leave date gets mentioned in the passport.

You can apply for this visa again once you have been rejected for it. In case, there was some fraudulent information, then the government can suspend you from applying for this visa, for 3 years, 5 years or even a lifetime. The major reason for Canada, tourist visa to be rejected, is the insufficiency of documents. If the candidate is not bright enough to show the right kind of relationship with his homeland, he runs a risk of his visa plea getting rejected. All the employment contracts and the property title deeds from his home country need to be shown. Its because if the authorities aren’t persuaded about a candidate leaving Canada, his visa will be rejected.