Immigrate to Canada with a Start up Visa

Globalisation has opened up the world market for several interested business firms and institutions. This is the time when you can expand your business and strive to achieve immense success for your company. A lot of well-established firms have started to get into mergers with other companies located in different countries in order to acquire new market for their product.

Even small scale firms are showing interest in launching their product or service in the world market to gain a decent share of profit. Many of the growing economies are grabbing the attention of potential enterpreneurs and start up firms to establish their business institution in such countries. In the long run process, these countries can increase their GDP rate and the economic structure will also grow and develop.

One such growing economy which offers various advantages to start up firms is Canada, where you can start or establish your business firm and be a part of the global market. But in order to start your own company in any foreign state, a start up visa of that country is mandatory.

Know about how to apply for Start up visa:

For enterpreneurs who are looking forward to set up their own company in Canada, they firstly need to get sponsorship or patronage of a recognised organisation which is already established in the country. These institutions are eligible to provide financial assistance to new start ups and help them in setting up their business.

There are also certain requirements related to ownership of business which needs to be taken care of before applyin fotr the start up visa program. For instance, the minimum number of memebers who can aply as owners of the business firm is five. It is obligatory that all the owners must have not less than 10% of the total voting rights and the organisation that is supporting the start up firm should have 50% voting rights alomg with the applicant.

Other important aspects related to start up visa program for Canada:

The applicant is required to be able to converse in both English and French language in order to apply for the visa program. Being fluent in both these languages will surely work in your favour so as to make the business more successful. A language test needs to be undertaken by the applicant and the result for the same has to be submitted along with the application form. Your result will decide whether your application gets selected or rejected by the authorities.

The government of Canada has made it essential that those who are planning to apply for the start up visa program should have sufficient amount of assets and funds which will help and support them at the time of their arrival in the country. No monetary assistance will be provided by the government and proper documents needs to be presented which applies that you are in possesion of adequate amount of cash in hand.Now better hurry and apply for your visa and flourish the start up business in Canada.