How to immigration to Canada From India

Process for Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada From India

Canada is indeed a beautiful place to visit in life. It is just not famous for its natural and scenic beauty, but it is considered on one of the secure places to live. The government of Canada welcomes people all over the world to be part of the country. Canadian government spends more money for the education than on other things. Even the health of the people living in Canada is of high importance and a lot of consideration is allocated to the health sector. Due to the low inflation rate, the cost of living in Canada is less and families can live a better life without spending lots of money on accommodation and other expenses.

Reasons to Migrate from India to Canada

There are various reasons for Canada being one of the top choices among Indians to immigrate. Canada being the land of opportunities regarding employment, education and better living have attracted many Indian to move their bases to Canada. The cost of living is less due to the low inflation rate; 60-70% of the health care budget is funded by the government and good education system for the children, all come in a package. Canada has low crime rate which makes it the safer place to live. Aren’t we all desire to live in the place where there is peace, better opportunities and respect for person’s life and time.

Requirement criteria for getting Canada PR

The applicant who meets all the following requirements can apply for Canada PR

Applicant must be an authorised citizen of his/her home country
 Applicant must hold relevant documents such as
  • Educational
  • Health and character clearance certificate
  • For Express Entry one must get six bands in each module such as Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.
  • Must have adequate money to prop up application
  • Work experience documents
  • Must acquire language proficiency test report from IELTS
  • For PNP one must get six bands in each module such as Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)

Ways to Apply for Canada PR

One can apply as an Eligible skilled worker or Investor or International Graduate through various accessible programs such as

  • Express Entry Process: It is based on the point system, where the applicant is awarded points from the six selection factors
  • Education level
  • English language proficiency (Official Language),
  • International degree,
  • French language proficiency (Second official Language),
  • Degree achieved in Canada,
  • Age

If you have an offer letter from any company in Canada or your skill level falls in the list of job skills listed in Canada, you are eligible to apply for PR in Canada. If you have applied for a PhD program in Canada, you are eligible for this program. Applications are picked on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System which is based on higher point system.

  • Canadian Provincial Nominee ProgramIt is different from the FSW; here different provincial selects your profile based on the list of skills that are required. It can be done in

Province Nominee Program directly, here you can select the province and do not need a job offer letter to apply for it. In this process, you don’t have to wait for your profile to be selected in the pool.

  • Get Sponsorship From Family: If you have any relative or family member in Canada, for instance, your legal partner, spouse, children, parent or other close relatives who might sponsor you then you might get Canada PR easily.
  • How to Apply?

    The Canada PR procedure is relatively easy and clear-cut. It only based on points that you have earned during the appraisal procedure of your profile. To get the required points to get Visa to Canada one must thoroughly review his/her personal details such as age, qualification, work experience, language proficiency, and adaptability to overseas etc. as they are major section who acquire you desired points.

Steps to be followed while applying for Canada PR

  1. Education Credential Assessment (ECA) procedure – It is the primary step to get Canada PR for aspirant has to put forward all the required documents for the ECA procedure ,after CIC get satisfied with your documents you will get a confirmation letter for moving to step further.
  2. Express Entry Application submission – after getting confirmation report one can apply for Canada immigration though most preferred program, i.e. Express Entry process beneath any of the sub-division such as

The express Entry process is thoroughly based on point received in Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), so one must score satisfactory score to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR card. If you didn’t get sufficient score you could apply through PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), Ontario, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan are most favourable Provinces for PNP program.

  1. Invitation to Apply- after you get the affirmative response from Express Entry or PNP application programs, the Canadian government will choose you as well as you will receive an Invitation to Apply to submit a request for PR status in Canada.

Documents required for submitting application

  • Educational Qualification Documents
  • Valid Passport
  • Work Experience
  • Photographs
  • Correct Job offer letter from any Canadian company if you possess
  • Other requisite documents.

After you fulfil all requirements, you will get Canada PR if they Canadian Government consider you eligible.

Time Required for Getting Canada PR

  • Every program has different period of processing such as
  • Express Entry may take approx. 6 Months
  • PNPs may take 6 Months if applied via Express Entry and it may take 15 months if not applied via Express Entry
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) may take around 13 Months
  • Family Sponsorship merely depends on request of sponsorship
  • Business or Investor program may take approx. 97 Months

Fees Required for Getting Canada PR Visa

The fees of Canada PR may vary according to visa you are requesting for

  • For principal applicant, the fee is CAD $ 550
  • For secondary candidate the fees is CAD $ 550
  • And for kids under age of 22 years, it is CAD $ 150

RPRF (Right of Permanent Residence Fee), the fee is CAD $ 490 for both principal and secondary applicant and it is free for kids under 22.

Immigration to Canada

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