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International Skilled Worker Occupations In Demand

International Skilled Worker Occupations in Demand Category of SINP, Canada 


Saskatchewan is a boreal and prairie region in western Canada; there is no natural boundary. It is a non-coastal province having vast distance from moderating water bodies. Its economic rate is not good, but its economy works at its best level with the low unemployment rate, high living standard and great infrastructure facilities. The immigrants who want to go to Saskatchewan will definitely get a job under the skilled worker category of Canada Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP).

Through the SINP, likely immigrants with the experience and skills addressed by the province may get a Certificate from Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination, which allows foreign people to apply for permanent resident in Canada. The In Demand Category of Skilled Worker Program supply many job opportunities.

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Occupation In-Demand Category

This program is for skilled workers who have worked under Saskatchewan's In Demand Occupations. Many of its occupations need the licence and for some occupations, the licence is not required.


The requirements for Occupations In-Demand Category are

  • The immigrant has to score minimum in CLB 4(Canadian Language Benchmark).
  • The applicant has to show a proof of the financial statement.
  • The immigrant has to obtain eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure if they do regulate the profession in Saskatchewan and need mandatory certification.
  • Have legal status proof, if presently residing in Canada.
  • Having 1 year experience as a paid worker in last 10 years in their related field of training or education, in the skilled occupation one conserved to come under NOC levels O, A, or B in the In-Demand category of Saskatchewan.
  • Have to score at least 60 points out of 100.

Assessment Rating

One has to score at least 60 points on the Point Assessment Grid to be assigned for the nomination.

The point system is based on five factors:

  • Age,
  • Educational qualification and training,
  • Capability in language,
  • Experience as a skilled worker,
  • Connection with the labour market and adaptability of the Saskatchewan.

Processing time

The processing time of International skilled Worker Occupation in demand category is 4.1 months.

This program consists of features like:

  • Job offer is not mandatory
  • Fast immigration process to Canada
  • Immigrants will be chosen for 57 In-Demand Occupation.
  • 1000 applications will be accepted by SINP.
  • This program is meant to select the aspirants as per Saskatchewan’s economic requirements and labour force


  • Failure to prove the motive of residing and working permanently in Saskatchewan.
  • Cannot submit documents needed by SINP.
  • Refugees who affirm refugee status.
  • If you, your representative or your employer did not represent properly during application.
  • If one worked as a health professional.
  • If one served food and beverages.

If the immigrant comes under the above restrictions, then he or she is not allowed to enter under International Skilled Worker Occupations in Demand Category. To avoid these circumstances in the process, one should take help from a trustworthy immigration company. The reputed and licensed immigration company assist you in assessing your form in a perfect way.

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