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Is Immigration To Canada Worth It?

Canada is counted among the countries with rich culture and economy along with it also offers a living which is well off and that is why it is considered as a country which selected and mostly preferred by the immigrants. The country has an economy that is most appreciated because the government has assured employment to all. These are the specialities of the country because of which immigrants want to be in such a country which would be fruitful to them as well and people across the globe opt for it. Also it has culture which has taste of everywhere that is to be precise the country is richly diverse.

Canadian government is with you

 Lately the country has had the opportunity to treat high rate of Indian immigrants as the country is quite feasible for the migrants to apply for Canada permanent resident visa.The government of Canada welcomes skilled and talented migrants fromall across the globe, who are looking to lead a quality life in Canada. Due to this reason government had set the policies of Canada immigration visa without any complications.

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Canada express entry program

The Canadian government had made things even easier by introducing the Canada express entry program. The people who have skills and are professional enough to work in Canada then this program consider their case on priority basis as they will also contribute towards the national and state economy.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Canada for the purpose of travelling holidays or for any other reason, then you could simply apply visitor visa for Canada. Keep on reading in order to get more information regarding it.

Requisites to get visitor visa for Canada

A number of things should be proved to the officials in order to become eligible for getting a visitor visa. Those things are-

  • Hold a relevant passport
  • Have a sound health
  • Must be able afford the lifestyle in Canada
  • There is a limited period of your visit to Canada
  • No future planning, to look forward to work in Canada
  • There is no criminal background of the applicant

And last but not the least an applicant must ensure that they will return to their native country after their visit to Canada.

Types of visitor visa

The Canadian visitor visa is only valid for six months and they are of two types namely-

  • Single entry visa
  • Multiple entry visa

An important thing that should be always kept in mind is that these visas are of no use after their expiry date. With a single entry visa one could enter in the country for one time, once he or she have left Canada, then he or she should have a new visitor visa but visiting to St. Pierre, US and Miquelon is an exception.

On the other hand the multiple entry visa enables visitors to visit as well as leave Canada for the time period of six months, and reapplying is not required in that case.

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