Is It Possible To Come To Canada With Visiting Or Tourists Visa And Change It To Permanent Resident Visa Within Three Months?

Are you a tourist and want your tourist visa to be converted into visa of permanent resident? Then you better drop the idea because one cannot get the position of permanent resident (PR) by being just a visitor. It is safe not to think about the same and never plan to overstay there as this action of yours can cause various unwanted troubles. And there is lots of difference between the application of PR visa and visitor visa application form Canada. The only way to get the visa of permanent residency is to get an application of immigration and fill it if you have complied with the minimum eligibility criteria laid down by the Canadian authorities. In order to obtain PR visa, get sufficient information before applying for same.

Forgetting applications, a system of express entry has been issued which helps the authorities of Canada in the process of accepting and processing the diverse applications. The program of permanent residency is merit-based that means the person having more qualification and experience will be given preference over others. On the basis of people’s academic records, work experience, and proficiency of English and other foreign language, points are given to them. The points given form the basis of comprehensive ranking score which is granted to the prospective applicants. People having CRS of 450 or more will be selected easily under this program.

Programs for obtaining permanent residency:

There are total three programs for getting PR visa. So people should choose that for which program they are eligible and apply for same in order to have the status of permanent resident of Canada. The programs are:

Canadian Experience Class (CES):

This program’s main target is those candidates who are:

  • Skilled , and
  • Having experience of at least one year and that too, in Canada.

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW):

This program gives preference to candidates:

  • Having the proficiency in English and French language, and
  • Also to those applicants who possess excellent academic records.

Federal Skilled Trades (FST):

The main targets of these programs are those applicants who possess an experience of employment in the organisation involved in skilled trade.

Canada is among one of those countries that invites thousands of immigrants every year and why not? After all, it provides all the services be it handsome pay, good working environment, several concessions etc. to the immigrants employees. In addition to that, this country is rich in diversity and focus on keeping the same unlike other countries. For maintaining diversity of culture and tradition,

it gives invitation to apply to various eligible candidates from all over the world for its permanent residency program. Therefore, if you are having a visitor visa in Canada and want it to be transformed into the visa of permanent resident then you must apply under the programs discussed above and obtain the PR visa legally.