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Nile Migration

Manitoba Immigration Points Calculator

On the point based system Manitoba presents the selection process for the eligible candidates to enter the Manitoba and live permanently with the Manitoba Immigration Points Calculator. And the low scorer candidates in the point assessment grid can apply to have a permanent residence in Canada after receiving nomination certificate. Manitoba Immigration Nominal program is operated by provincial and federal government. To attract labor market destined immigrants to state Manitoba Point calculator program (MPNP) is designed to support and encourage Manitoba community and also the industrial growth. So, based on their corresponding points Manitoba does the selection and nomination of the applying candidates.

Manitoba Point Calculator Program (MPNP) Assessment Point System

Factor 1: Language ProficiencyPoints
First Language (English or French) 
CLB 8 or higher/ native speaker20
CLB 718
CLB 616
CLB 514
CLB 412
CLB 3 or lower0
Second Language (English or French) 
CLB 5 or higher5
Factor 2: AgePoints
21 or 4510
50 or older0
Factor 3: Work Experience (in the past five years) Points
Less than one year0
One year8
Two years10
Three years12
Four years or more15

Now based on Manitoba Immigration Points Calculator one can score points with the factor 4 that is Education, the applicant will also score points on the basis of their education qualification. The applicant who has done Master’s and Doctorate will score 25 points. Moreover, the applicant who has attained two post secondary programs of at least two years each will score 23 points. And, the one post secondary program completed by any candidate for two years or longer will be able to score 20 points. Also, the applicant completed with one year post secondary program will end up scoring 14 points. Furthermore, the no post secondary program category will let the applicant attain no points that is 0 points.

Another factor for point scoring that is factor 5 which is adaptability is as follows-

  • If anyone is having close relative in Manitoba will have 20 points.
  • If any applicant has received the invitation from MPNP to apply as a part of recruitment mission or exploratory visit will let the applicant score 20 points.
  • If there is any previous work experience in Manitoba of round about six months will give 12 points.
  • If one has completed post secondary program of two years or more in Manitoba will let the applicant score 12 points.
  • If one has completed post secondary program in Manitoba for one year will give 10 points.
  • If there is any friend or distant relative staying in Manitoba of any applicant then he or she will able to score 10 points.
  • There is an option for bonus which states that ‘any intention to reside outside the Winnipeg’ will grant 5 points.

Do I qualify for Canada Express Entry Visa

Interest Ranking of Skilled Workers of MPNP

  • The candidate scoring 60 out of 100 will be tagged eligible for applying under the Manitoba PNP Skilled Worker category. After the scoring the eligible candidate will have to submit an EOI (Express of Interest) and then again, the applicant will be scored on the ranking of 1000 points. For obtaining the permanent residency candidate will be given the nomination certificate only over their high scoring.

    One can calculate their Manitoba PNP points by a form filing and the expert team will assess one’s profile and will let them know in which category the one is eligible for Manitoba.