Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)

Guide to immigrate to Manitoba

If you are looking forward to move or get settled in Canada, then look forward for MPNP. This is also known as Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP)This is also termed as provincial immigration program which is carried out under the aegies of Canada Manitoba Immigration Agreement.

What is MPNP?

In this program, one can look forward to migrate to Canada and specifically to Manitoba. Under MPNP, the person is subjected to immigration. The procedure followed includes the recuruitment and nomination process. The main purpose of MPNP is to find the people who can contribute to Manitoba economy.

MPNP is a document which is approved by givernment authorities. This letter is attached with the visa application if you are applying for immigration. The procedure for visa application is monitored by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

MPNP is the program which helps in shortlisting the candidates who are perfect to stay in Manitoba. Main purpose is to find those people who are suitable to contribute in the Manitoba economy. After the selection of the applicant, you will get the Nomination Certificate. Getting immigrated to Canada involves choosing the right stream for the same.

There are three streams which are menat for locating to Manitoba under MPNP:

  • MPNP for skilled workers
  • MPNP for business
  • FSRI also known as Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative

Eligibility conditions differ based upon the Canada immigration program you are choosing.

What are the steps involved for getting registered under MPNP?

Take a look at the procedure which is involved for getting registered under MPNP:

  • While applying for PR visa application, you should also attach a copy of MPNP approval letter
  • To fill up your application form, you need to follow all the direction stated in the approval letter. Your nomination under this program will be valid for duration of 6 months.
  • Fill up the IRCC visa application after paying up the fees
  • While the visa process is going on, you need to notify IRCC and MPNP
  • If you are already working in Manitoba and your permit is going to expire then look forward for getting it renewed
  • After receiving PR you need to notify the MPNP

What is MPNP for skilled workers?

Under this program, you can look forward for moving to Canada as a skilled worker. Under this program as well there are following two categories:

  • Skilled workers who stay in Manitoba
  • Skilled worker who stay overseas

What is MPNP for business?

Under this category, only qualified persons are hired having the ability to set up their business in Canada. Besides that, one can also become the partner in an exisiting business.

What is Farm Strategic Recruitment Initiative?

FSRI is an initiative in which you can relocate yourself to Canada. But under this program, you need to have genuine business experience and your financial back up also needs to be strong.

Moving on to Manitoba is an easy process if you have all your documents ready.