Nova Scotia Demand : Express Entry Stream

If you have decided to settle in the Nova Scotia, then you should know about the options available there. It is not easy to settle anywhere all over the world, it requires a proper process, which demands some requirements to be met by applicants. When it comes to Nova Scotia, it makes use of the express entry immigration selection system of the federal government so that the candidates can be chosen for this stream.

Who can apply?

This stream is designed for those people, who are skilled and have a post-secondary education and necessary qualifications, which will assist them in settling in Nova Scotia in a successful and easy manner. It should be noted that there are 2 categories under this option, such as Category A and Category B. understanding the difference between the Category A and Category B is important.

Category A

It is all about the Arranged Employment in Nova Scotia. People who want to apply under this category, they have an arranged job offer by a positive LMIA or Labor Market Impact Assessment from an employer in the Nova Scotia. The job offer needs to be in a NOC (National Occupation Classification) skill level like 0, A, or B business for sure. To apply in this category, an applicant must:

  • Score 67 points or above on the stream’s 6 selection factors including education, age, adaptability, work experience, ability in French and/or English, and arranged employment in Nova Scotia.
  • Have a profile that is registered in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC Express Entry System.
  • Have one year of skilled work knowledge and experience associated with the job.
  • Have an English ability or French at Canadian Language Standard 7,
  • Have a high school credential in Canada or equivalent.
  • Show sufficient financial resources to settle in the country successfully.

Category B

This category is termed as the paid work experience in an opportunity business. When it comes to the Category B, it includes at least 1 year of constant permanent or 1560 hours or an equivalent amount in part-time paid work experience in the previous 6 years in an opportunity occupation. For Category B, the requirements that need to be fulfilled. It has the same requirements like the Category A. however, there is one difference that a candidate needs to have at least one year of skilful work experience in one of the target occupations.

To learn more about the points, you can go online and find reliable resources where you can attain proper information about the selection criteria.

Further process

After the application, if you are selected and then you may have to go for an interview in Nova Scotia. Applicants will get notifications if such an interview is needed. There are some facts when you are not allowed to apply it. So, what are you waiting for? Look online for complete assessment if you are willing to apply for any of the categories in the Nova Scotia. Get the essential information about the express entry in the Nova Scotia online.