Nova Scotia New Occupational list 2016-2017

Nova Scotia is the second smallest province of the 10 provinces that are there in Canada. It has a number of world heritage sites as well as Canadian historical sites, and a number of parks that make it extremely beautiful and scenic. It has a high literacy rate and both English and French are spoken here. It has great financial services and some the best banks have their headquarters here. So it is a great place to migrate, it has less population so it is all the more peaceful to stay here and the opportunities are great.

One can migrate here through the Nova Scotia Nominee program that is especially designed for senior managers and businessmen with experience who plan to migrate here. Nova Scotia nominee program is an express entry program for which one has to check the Nova Scotia new occupational list 2016-2017 in demand to see whether they are eligible or not.

The eligible occupations

  • Civil engineers
  • Financial officers
  • Financial auditors and accountants
  • Technicians
  • Practising nursing
  • Vocational instructors
  • Accounting clerks
  • Sales representative ( financial)

So, if you find yourself eligible for any occupation and if you have one year of experience in any of the occupations in the Nova Scotia new occupational list 2016-2017 in demand then you can apply for the nominee program of Nova Scotia.


In order to be eligible for the Nova Scotia Nominee program one has to fulfil the following criteria and have to score atleast 67 points out of 100 in the following categories:

  • Education- one has to score a maximum of 25 points.
  • English or French- maximum of 28 points need to be scored.
  • Work experience- one has to score a maximum of 15 points.
  • Age- maximum of 12 points
  • Employment- for arranged employment one has to score atleast 10 points.
  • Adaptability- maximum 10 –points

One can apply in any one of the two categories of the Nova Scotia program; express entry stream namely:

  • First is arranged employment which means that one has to have a full time permanent job proposal from a Nova Scotia employer.
  • Secondly, one has to have paid experience which means that one has to have atleast 1560 hours of work experience and that to continuous or same work hours in part time.


  • A person needs to have a diploma, certificate or an educational certificate equivalent to that of Canada and also assessed by teh Canadian education certificate.
  • One is required to have 1 year of full time or part time but equivalent paid work experience.
  • Person applying should have cleared the language test for English or French.

So these are the minimum requirements and factors that one needs to fulfil and keep in mind while applying for the Nova Scotia Nominee program. Once a person is clear about the occupation in the occupation list and the requirements then only should one apply for the program.