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Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) – FAQs

Nova Scotia is a peninsula in the Cape Breton Island; this place is known for being the major centre for culture and the arts and also for the high standard of living. The people of Nova Scotia known as Nova Scotians are connected closely to the sea, and the place is known for its coastal beauty and delicious cuisine. Nova Scotia accepts immigrants who have skills and experience that is beneficial for Nova Scotia through the NSNP; which is the Nova Scotia provincial nominee program. The NSNP accepts application under the following streams of immigration:

FAQs by the people

Regarding Nova Scotia Nominee program there are a quite a number of FAQs. Some of the FAQs put up by the people are quite general ones while some are genuine and quite important one’s about which the people should know.

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  • What is the Nova Scotia Nominee program? The most common question that is asked is this as a lot of people are unsure about the purpose of the program. So the NSNP is a program that allows Nova Scotia to nominate immigrants that meet their economic market needs.
  • What is the process of applying in NSNP? After knowing about the program the main concern is about the process of applying to it; so the NSNP application process has two steps. Firstly, one is supposed to submit the application along with all the essential documents. If selected then you will get a nomination certificate from Nova Scotia. After this you are supposed to apply for permanent residency visa within six months of receiving the nomination certificate.
  • What are key streams of immigration? Nova Scotia Demand: express entry, Nova Scotia experience express entry, Skilled worker stream, Entrepreneur; they are known to be the various streams under immigration.
  • What is a skilled worker stream of NSNP? This is for applicants who have permanent, full time job offer from a Nova Scotia employer, who have to make it clear that they had tried to fill the vacancy with a Canadian citizen before extending an offer of employment to the applicant.
  • What is entrepreneur stream of NSNP?  This is for those who are business managers or owners of a particular business and are ready to begin purchase in the province of Nova Scotia.
  • What is Nova Scotia Demand: express entry stream? This stream is made for the skilled workers with post secondary qualifications which make them capable of settling in the province of Nova Scotia.
  • What is the Nova Scotia experience express entry? Nova Scotia experience express entry is for highly skilled workers who have already worked in Nova Scotia for atleast a year and are now seeking to get permanent residency in the province.
  • Do individuals have to stay in Nova Scotia only once he or she immigrates? Well the answer is no, an individual is free to settle anywhere in Canada after getting permanent residence.

NSNP is a popular program for immigrating to Canada and those who have any doubt can go through the above answered questions.

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