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Nova Scotia Nominee Programme- Entrepreneur Stream Requirements

The Nova Scotia Nominee Programme (NSNP)-  entrepreneur stream is designed to invite or welcome those enthusiastic individuals who permanently wants to start up or build a new business venture in Nova Scotia. The NSNP category is only favourable for experienced business owners and ideal business managers to stay and work in the province of Canada.

The Nova Scotia Nominee Programme  (NSNP) is basically a scheme from temporary to permanent residence basis where the authorised candidates or individuals have to regulate a firm/venture in Nova Scotia (province of canada). Business proprietorship has to work in the province on a legitimate work permit. It should not less than 12 months before getting the nomination for Permanent Residence (PR) in the Nova Scotia, Canada. Candidates are required to arrange (EOI) expression of interest to regulate the NSNP scheme.

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Eligibility criteria for candidates-

It is necessary for all the NSNP scheme aspirants to fulfill the eligibility criteria given below-

  • Candidates who are apply for this scheme should be 21 years old.
  • You do not have to enjoy less than 6,00,000 Canadian Dollars in an unencumbered estate and personal assets that are matter-of-factly or directly accessible for the transfer to Maple leaf nation, should be rightly validates through the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI) third party professionals or experts.
  • It is necessary or mandatory for all the candidates who are aspiring should should the amassing net value through lawful methods which is duly varieties by the third party experts of NSOI.
  • Candidates are required to obtain a plain for business establishment and show comprehensive experience of the same.
  • Business owners or proprietors who are applying for this particular scheme must not have less than 3 years of business experience. It is mandatory to have at least 3 years of working experience to apply for the same. Experience comprising of 33.33percent ownership during the antecedent or foregoing decade.
  • It is necessary for the candidates or business proprietorship to offer on-going and active participation in the everyday running business firm or venture in the Nova is not necessary that the business or firm is not administered or registered from the other province/ territory of the maple leaf nation or other country.
  • The venture/ firm should be a commercial entity and must have a chief objective of generating profits through selling of things or products and services as well.
  • Candidates or business proprietorship must have Canadian Language Benchmark 5 in either French or English (CELPIP) general test, IELTS general training test or TEF which is faced during which years before the presentation EOI date.
  • You should hold or possess not less than high school diploma of canadian country or abroad credentials verified or validated through an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) faced at the time of preceding years.

So, you have to fulfill all these eligibility requirements wisely and correctly for the NSNP (Nova Scotia Nominee Programme) schemec

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