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Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

The Ontario is the most populous province of Canada known for its multicultural communities, job opportunities, outstanding infrastructure, immigration friendly policies and strong economy. The Ontario immigrant nominee program (OINP) is the immigrant program which make immigration process smoother in Ontario. The Ontario Immigration Nominee Program is for the employers who are skilled and experienced and want to immigrate to Ontario.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program comprises of following eight streams under which you can apply:

  • Human capital priorities (express entry)
  • French- speaking skilled worker (express entry)
  • Skilled trades (express entry)
  • Employers job offer
  • International student (Master graduate)
  • International student (PhD graduate)
  • Cooperate (Investor immigration)
  • Entrepreneur (Investor immigration)

Express Entry, Human Capital priorities stream: If you want to apply under this category, then you must have at least 1-year full time work experience. You must have a degree from any appropriate Canadian educational institution, and you have to live in province of Ontario and must have at least 400 points under federal express entry comprehensive ranking system.

French- speaking skilled worker, express entry: If you want to apply under this category, then you must have full time work experience in the stream you are applying for. You must be living in Ontario, you must have a valid Bachelor’s degree, or Master’s degree or PhD and must have at least 400 points under federal express entry comprehensive ranking system to qualify under this stream.

Skilled trades, express entry: If you planning to apply under this category, then you must be a skilled trade worker in construction or agriculture as this stream targets only them. To qualify for this stream, you also must have 12-month work experience, appropriate work permit, and must be fluent in speaking English or French and st be living in Ontario.

Employer job offer: this category is further comprised of three subcategories which are as follows:

  1. Foreign worker stream
  2. International students
  3. In- demand skills

If you are applying under foreign worker stream then you must have full time job offer, two years or work experience and must be living in abroad.

If you are applying under international students stream then to qualify under this stream you must have fulltime job offer, must have completed you at least half of your studies in Canada and you must be graduated from a publicly funded Canadian college.

If you are applying under in demand skills stream then you must have permanent job offer in one of eligible occupations, one year of work experience, you must have at least Canadian high school education, you must have appropriate license, and fluent in French language.