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Nile Migration

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program

Everybody has heard about the province of Ontario which has Toronto as its capital. Toronto does not need an introduction because has featured in so many Bollywood movies so far. Now how to immigrate to Ontario which has the most comfortable environment for Indians thanks to so many of them who have already settled here.

Ontario immigrant nominee program

Any candidate who wishes to be in Ontario forever has to be qualified as per the following streams which are:

Foreign worker stream

  • The most important aspect of this stream is that the foreign worker should have received the proposal of employment from an employer in Ontario.
  • The position for which a candidate has been offered a job should be instrumental to the growth of an employer. The employer should benefit from hiring the international candidate and his business should experience a growth.
  • Apart from that, the candidate should have some proper work experience which should not be less than 2 years. By proper it is implied that the work experience should be in the relevant profile for which a candidate is putting up his PNP papers.
  • In case, if he does not have this much experience, he should also have a license which is mandatory for the performance under the concerned occupation. This letter should be issued by the prescribed body for the concerned occupation in Ontario.

International student

These kinds of candidates should have gained their post secondary education from this country and should not be less than 2 years in length. This kind of education can be a degree or even a small duration diploma. The duration of the course can be less(1 year) once its pursued after a degree after 12th standard. This is a mandatory education requirement for anybody who wants to be in Ontario.

If the candidate does not have this much educational experience, he should have the mandatory license to be part of an occupation in Ontario.

Apart from both these conditions, the most important requirement is that the candidate should have already been proposed employment in this province. The application for the Ontario PNP is 1,500 CAD. There is also a  certain time lapse which has to be followed by the candidate for application, which implies he should not apply after 2 years have elapsed since his graduation or education from this province.

Occupations-in demand stream

These kinds of occupations are currently suffering from lack of eligible workforce in Ontario. There are just 7 NOC codes which are part of the occupations-in demand list in this province. The candidate should have a work experience of 1 year which is the foremost condition. This work experience should have been earned in Ontario. The candidate should also have been proposed a job in this province. The Ontario government seeks to invite those to the province who have a job offer so that they don’t become dependent on the authorities here.

So, all those who have job offers from this province should have, the right kind of documents to show their employment. This includes the document of the offer letter which has been signed by the employer.