Permanent Residency In Canada From Bahrain

How to obtain Permanent Residency in Canada from Bahrain?

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Bahrain has many non-national people in its population. There are many asians who have settled in Bahrain. Bahrain is in Persian Gulf and is a key monarchy there. Canada has always being one of the favorite choice of the people in Bahrain. They look for to work and live in this developed nation.Visitors and immigrants from Bahrain go there with different ambitions, future aspects and goals. The favorable Government policies, diverse culture, ideal studying, working and business facilities and visionary leadership makes it more suitable for different type of people to move from Bahrain to Canada with some aspirations or objectives. Canada has a strong economy and is an advanced nation. It is one of the most ideal country to apply for permanent residency visa from Bahrain as it has soft immigration policies, perfect settings for families and high employment rate. There are different immigration programs which are available for permanent residency to talented and skilled workers and professionals overseas.

How to Move to Canada From Bahrain? 

The key pathway to immigrate to Canada from Bahrain is The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). Express Entry is one of the best and fastest immigration system worldwide which allows skilled workers from different countries to immigrate to Canada. The two documents required are : Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) that verifies the qualification you have outside Canada and English language proficiency Test where you have to score at least CLB 7. To be eligible for applying via Federal Skilled Worker stream, you will need minimum of 67 points.
There is an Online Entry Express profile where candidates have to submit work experience, skills, language ability, education and other details needed for assessment by CIC. The ones who meet with the criteria get accepted.
They are compared with others in the accepted pool and are ranked based on criteria’s in newcomer’s economic success in Canada. The highest-ranking candidates will be invited for applying for permanent address.

What are the pathways to move from Bahrain to Canada? 

Express Entry System –
We will discuss this in the next phase.

Provincial Nominee Programs or PNPs –

  • Express Entry sub-category
  • Occupation in Non-Express Entry sub-category

Other programs include Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Student Visa, Parents and Grandparents program and Spouse Category Visa.

Express Entry System from Bahrain for applying Canadian Permanent Residency Visa 

An online profile is to be created on Express Entry system for Immigrating from Bahrain to Oman. You will have to also submit Expression of Interest or EOI if you are interested to immigrate to Canada and get a permanent residency Visa. The profiles which are present in the Express Entry System are to be reviewed by IRCC (Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada). Based on Language proficiency, Education, Work experience and skill marks are given to candidates. The candidates who have received marks equal to or more than CRS score receives invitation to apply or ITA.Within 60 days of receiving ITA, he has to respond back and apply for PR visa.

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