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canada PR visa – Get canada Permanent Resident visa from Australia

How to Get a canada PR (Permanent Resident/Residence) visa

If someone is interested in living in canada, then it’s important to know how applicable you are. Based on your applicability, for a canadian permanent resident visa, you can progress further in filling out the form for the canada PR visa application. So, the below article lets you know more about canada PR visa requirements. After entering your information in our assessment form, our team corresponds with you after 24 hours based on your eligibility for a canada PR visa.


The canadian government welcomes well-skilled people from all over the world, who are looking for a better life. The canada PR visa can be availed through the Express Entry program which is a straightforward program with clear-cut rules for age, experience, education, and a good pick up of the English language. This program is special as it gives priority to the individuals who are good in skills and people who work professionally in order to be able to add up a contribution to the state as well as the national economy of the country. There are other programs that are also applicable for a skilled worker to get the PR in canada. The programs for canada Permanent Resident visa include –

Federal skilled worker

The Federal Skilled Worker has been eliminated because it required paper-based applications. It has been replaced with the Express Entry system which requires online applications. So, managing Express Entry-based applications has become easier for immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship canada (IRCC).

Apart from taking applications for the Federal Skilled worker, Express Entry also takes applications for the canadian Experience Class and the Federal Skilled Trades.

Express Entry canada

The canada Express Entry system was launched by the Conservative Government in 2015. It accepts applications with a comprehensive ranking score and those with the highest scores are selected for immigration to canada.

Provincial nominee program

Provincial nominee programs are part of the Express Entry program. This is because canada has so many provinces. So, one can apply to the provinces individually or through the Express Entry also before applying to a Provincial Nominee Program. Every provincial nominee program selects visa aspirants based on what a province requires, international graduates, those with relatives in a province, or those who have a job offer given to them from the province.

canada PR visa

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What is the meaning of getting a Permanent Residency Card or canada PR visa?

You need a canada PR visa when you decide to live in canada. This visa allows you to live for 5 years in canada. So, after residing here for three years you can also apply for citizenship in this country. This citizenship right means you can vote in canada.

Limitations of a canada permanent resident visa

Although you are a canada PR visa holder, you still don’t have voting rights. You also can’t work in a government job. Apart from that, if you don’t live for 2 years out of 5 years on a canadian PR, your Permanent Resident visa would be canceled.

How is a canadian permanent resident advantageous for me?

canada PR visa - Get canada Permanent Resident visa from Australia

There are different benefits for someone who gets PR in canada. The most important are:

  • You can easily gain residence in any part of canada apart from studying and working there.
  • All the privileges enjoyed by a canadian citizen like lower education fees in schools and colleges are also applicable to you.
  • After 3 years, you are applying for citizenship.
  • You are safeguarded by the law of canada.

So, your life becomes completely perfect once you are able to get the canada Permanent Residency visa.

Therefore, working and living in canada would be quite beneficial if you get a canada PR visa from Australia.

Number of categories under which a canada PR visa could be applied

Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker Program Looks for Skilled Employees to Work in canada. Find out how!

PNP programs

Know your Eligibility for Admission on PR into the Province Where you Want to Live.

Quebec skilled worker program

Get to be in the 2nd most Prosperous Province of canada after Ontario.

Family Sponsorship

Missing your Family? Get them to canada with us.

Skilled immigrants via Express Entry
canadian Experience Class

Experience in canada is a true asset. Get to Immigrate to canada with this Experience. Know whether your canadian Experience Counts!

Investors Entrepreneurs and Self Employed

Invest in the most Business Friendly Country in the World Through our Consultation for the Investor and Entrepreneur visas of canada

Live in caregiver visa

Work as a canadian Au-pair and get PR there

How to apply for a canada PR visa?

canadian PR immigration is a 67 points-based system that takes into account 6 factors, which are age, experience, educational qualification, aptitude in the English language, French language understanding, and existence of a blood relative in canada. If you can get 67 points because of these factors, you can apply for a canada PR visa.

Education qualification
The education qualification of a visa aspirant is measured through an ECA report. ECA or Educational credential assessment includes sending all the educational documents to canada and then verification of the documents by the canadian educational authorities to show their equivalency as per the canadian standards.
  • PhD
  • Master’s degree
  • Post-graduation Diploma of one year/2 year
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 2 years diploma after 12th
  • 1/2 years diploma after 10th


If someone is not 18 years of age as yet, he/she is not eligible for a canada PR visa. However, between the ages of 18 and 35 years, 12 points are given. When age increases by 1, points decrease by 1.

Work experience

The least experienced of 1 year is needed for applying for a canada PR visa.


This exam is obligatory for every visa contender for a canada PR visa. It has 4 modules of writing, speaking, listening, and reading. The minimum requirement is 6.5 bands in this exam for canada PR.

First official languageSpeakingListening Reading Writing
CLB level 9 or higher7877
CLB level
CLB level 76666
Below CLB level 7 Not eligible to apply Not eligible to apply Not eligible to applyNot eligible to apply

Getting a good CRS score is really important, how to improve it?

With a high CRS(Comprehensive ranking system) score, candidates are able to apply for the canada PR visa through the Express Entry system of canada. CRS is a system that provides points to anyone who is interested in canada PR immigration.

So, candidates who want to increase their CRS score have many pathways open to them:

  • Education: canadian government recognizes someone with a good education. The candidate should have done at least a Master’s course to get good points for a canada PR visa. Someone who such a high degree has excellent chances of immigration here. He/she gets 135 points as per the Express Entry scheme. Such points are also applicable to someone who has a professional degree like that of a doctor.
  • canadian education: You can increase your CRS score by getting some canadian education. For increasing your CRS score, you can decide to pursue a degree of one-two years after the 12th standard from canada. This makes sure you are able to get 15 points for PR immigration.
  • French language: For a good CRS score, is also important for someone to have superior knowledge of French. Since the Trudeau government imposed higher Express Entry points for knowing the French language, the candidates can use this opportunity and appear for the TEF(Testd’Evaluation de Français) Through this exam, they prove how well they know French.
  • Work experience: If you are applying for canadian PR immigration, Experience is an important factor. Anyone applying for PR immigration should not have less than three years of experience. In fact, with this experience, you can get the maximum points for a canada PR visa.
  • IELTS score: This score is an important determinant of how well you know English. So, the IELTS score has been set as a benchmark, for the canadian government to know how well you can settle there. The candidates can get good points for IELTS scores when they have scores of CLB 7. So, the better you perform in this exam, the better you have chances of succeeding in canada PR immigration.
    With scores of CLB 9-10, a candidate has the highest scope of going to canada. Another exam called CELPIP (canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program-general) is also allowed for a canada PR visa immigration.

In order to know how you can get approved for a canada PR visa, get in touch with a helpful PR immigration consultancy that has at least 5 years of experience. This kind of experience is important because only then the consultant knows the basics of Express Entry and the PNP programs which change so often. Fill out the evaluation forms and get your canada PR visa immigration process started.

As, it is, well known that some documents are really important for immigration, and some of those required for a canada PR visa involve-

  • A passport that is valid for a long duration
  • Proof of identity
  • Work experience of the applicant
  • Documents of academic qualifications
  • Recent pictures of the applicant
  • An offer letter of a job from an employer in canada is optional

In order to get an authentic professional’s help in making an application for a canada Permanent resident visa, an aspiring immigrant could connect with the experts of canadian PR immigration as they would be taking care of each and every necessary factor of immigration to canada. Get started by filling out the assessment form.

Time requirements in the canada PR visa process

The canada PR visa process standard least time is 8-10 months which happens when the visa aspirant has a high CRS score. On the other hand, when the CRS is low for a candidate, he or she can apply for the provincial nominee program. Every provincial nominee program has a different criterion with different timnilees. For further information, contact nile migration.

FAQ For canada PR visa For Australians

Australians don’t have to show a visa when they go to canada, unlike many other places. However, to enter the United States as of March 15, 2016, Australians need to have the eTA (Travel Authorization) they can.

(eTA) requirements for Australians can be found here, and you can read about them. The only people from Australia who need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) are those who already have visas and don’t need one.

E-visas do not permit people to move to a new country. Instead, they let people go on short-term trips.

Yes, Ontario is the only province where a job offer is not needed. For a candidate to be suitable to get immigration here, this province has requirements for a candidate to know French and have a work experience of 2-3 years from any country including canada.

Knowledge of French is necessary to get clearance in the Ontario Express Entry Streams. For other immigration routes to this province apart from knowing French, please contact the nile migration team.

Ontario is the easiest province to immigrate to canada because it does not have the condition for a candidate to have a job. immigration is easily possible once you have the 400 Express Entry points. If you don’t have these many points, immigration to this province isn’t possible.

A candidate can only expect his profile to be picked up after filing his application for Ontario, once he has opted for the “canadian Experience Class” or “Federal Skilled Worker” programs. A candidate should have a score of CLB 7 in French.

You have to pay 825$ canadian dollars as a canada PR visa fees for the application and the secondary PR visa fees for your spouse remain the same. But in the case of your child’s PR application fee is charged 225$ canadian dollars only. After that, you have to pay the Right of Permanent Residence fees – RPRF (Landing Fees) of 500$ canadian dollars per adult.

Australians don’t have to show a visa when they go to canada, unlike many other places. However, to enter the United States as of March 15, 2016, Australians need to have the eTA (Travel Authorization) they can.

(eTA) requirements for Australians can be found here, and you can read about them. The only people from Australia who need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) are those who already have visas and don’t need one.

E-visas do not permit people to move to a new country. Instead, they let people go on short-term trips.

A PR card is only valid for time duration of 5 years. This PR is given to an immigrant for 5 years because after that time it has to be renewed. The renewal after 5 years depends on how long you have stayed in canada on this PR in the duration of last 5 years. If you have a stay of less than 2 years, the PR is  not renewed.

The PR holders who have spent a longer time(more than 2 years) away from canada, cant get this visa.

The time that elapses in you getting the permanent residency to canada depends on the immigration stream selected by a candidate. A candidate has to wait for 6 months if he has filed his application through the Express Entry. He has to, wait for, 1 year if his application has been filed through PNP. The time to get the PR also depends on a candidate’s Express Entry score. If his score is high, the candidate can also get the invite quickly in the shortest time period of 2 weeks and his PR processing time in this case is 3-4 months.

Why should you apply for a canada PR visa through nile migration?

nile migration is associated with ICCRC-based professional representation for all canadian visas and immigration. We are getting the guidance and counsel of an RCIC (Regulated canadian immigration Consultant) Johnson Varughese (RCIC code: R516104.) on all canadian visa matters due to which we have successfully helped all of our clients so far. We have a success ratio of 95%. The crucial documentation process after receiving an ITA submission is tackled in accordance with ICCRC guidnilees which is the key to getting the canada PR visa effectively.

Applicants failing to get the CRS score for the Express Entry visa benefit from an application to the PNP system. We have a good hold on all PNP guidnilees, in the submission of a PNP application as well as a successful grant of the canada PR visa. You can also read other guidnilees regarding your canada PR visa on the canada immigration official website. Apply for canada PR with nile migration experts in 2022. Get the easiest way to immigrate to canada.

Benefits of holding a canada PR visa

Medicare: A canadian PR visa holder can claim Medicare where all healthcare expenses are taken care of by the government.

Unemployment benefits: You can get a benefit of 562 CAD every week as an unemployment benefit.

Free schooling cost:

In canadian public schools, education is provided free of cost to children till the age of 16-18 depending on the province.

Easy access to the US: You can go to the US and stay there without taking a visa.

Getting started is easy. All you need to do is fill out our eligibility online assessment form here and then one of our immigration professionals will get back to you with your results within one business day.