Provincial Nomination Programs for Canada – PNP

Provincial Nomination Programs for Canada

Provincial Nomination Programs for Canada – PNP

One of the quickest ways to be eligible to apply for the immigration as a permanent resident to Canada is to be nominated by the Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) which is one of the approved federal programs.

Once you are chosen by the PNP then all you need to do is fill up the Express Entry online profile to be ranked by the Comprehensive Ranking System so that you can receive an “Invitation to Apply” for the immigration as a permanent resident.

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Here are the Key Provincial Nominee Programs for Canada

The details of the PNP for different provinces of Canada are as follows-

Nova Scotia

Skilled workers and entrepreneurs with proven experience stand a good chance to qualify for this program. The categories under which the candidates can apply are as follows- the Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream, the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream, the Nova Scotia Family Business Worker Immigration Stream, the Nova Scotia Skilled Worker Immigration Stream and the Nova Scotia Demand- Express Entry. You should be able to prove a good financial stead and should have adequate language proficiency as per Canadian Language Benchmark 7.


The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program allows candidates to apply as Skilled Workers Overseas. In order to qualify, a connection with Manitoba has to be proven through previous work experience, educational qualifications or through family or friends.

Prince Edward Island

Candidates who are eligible under the FSW stream and are interested in living and working in Prince Edward Island for two years may apply to the PNP Express Entry Stream. Eligible applicants may benefit from processing times of six months or less. You should also have an active Express Entry online profile. If you are shortlisted based on your skills or experience then you will be sent an “Invitation to Apply”.


Under the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program a candidate can apply for immigration as a permanent resident under the following categories. Saskatchewan Express Entry, International Skilled Worker Category, Saskatchewan Experience Category and Entrepreneur and Farm Category. Based on your rank and score you will receive further information on the invitation to apply for permanent resident permit.


The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is relevant for semi-skilled as well as skilled workers. A candidate can apply with his dependent children for immigration as a permanent resident under the AINP. It is usually operated by Government of Canada in conjunction with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) which usually chooses the final candidates who qualify for this program. They definitely want to select the best skilled workers as immigrants so that they can contribute positively to the economy of the province.


Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) strictly goes by the results of Comprehensive Ranking System and considers candidates who have a score of more than 400 points. You will have to fill an application form for OOPNP with supporting documents like a copy of birth certificate, passport etc. with a fee of $1500. You will be notified if your application gets shortlisted.

New Burnswick

Once should have an active Express Entry online profile and should send a mail to the Newburnswick Province office along with the resume and a filled Express of Interest or EOI form. Candidates who score highest based on their skills or work experience as per the Comprehensive Ranking System stand a good chance of getting invited to apply to NBPNP Express Entry Labour Market Stream.

British Columbia

The British Columbia PNP or BCNP accepts applications under different categories namely, the Health Care Professional, Northeast Pilot Project and the recently launched Entrepreneur Immigration. Other categories are the Express Entry, entry level, semi-skilled, skilled workers etc. Based on your ranking you will receive an “Invitation to Apply” as per the BCPNP norms.

Provincial nominee program for Canada